Zoie Palmer is joining “Wynonna Earp” so let’s get to speculating

This week turned out to be like gay Christmas when it was announced that Zoie Palmer of Lost Girl fame, would be guesting on Wynonna Earp. Palmer and showrunner Emily Andras worked together before on the ground-breaking Lost Girl, so it’s fitting that Palmer would find her way to Purgatory.

Here’s the scoop so far from SyfyWIRE.

Jolene is described as a fun-loving friend who enjoys karaoke, baking for her best buddies and creating mayhem wherever she goes. She’s also smart, knows a secret or two and if you don’t watch out, she’ll either steal your partner or your heart.

Well that description had the queer internet in a tizzy wondering who exactly this mysterious Jolene is. You can only Nancy Drew so much out of this snippet, so here are some completely wild speculations.

1. Jolene is a washed-up country singer/werewolf who stumbles into town and makes quick work out of becoming besties with Waverly. But her vegan cupcakes are filled with lies!

Source: fyeahlostgirl.tumblr.com


2. Jolene is Wynonna’s old pal from her days on the road, and is looking to make up lost time with the Earp. While her intentions may seem good, she’s got her eye on a bigger prize than Wynonna’s friendship: opening the Hellmouth!

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3. Black Badge is resurrected and sends Jolene to Purgatory to team up with Dolls, and also to drive a wedge between the crew by stealing all their favorite karaoke songs for herself. Oh and she’s a revenant!


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4. Jolene is Nicole’s old college roommate who is hard on her luck, and having an even harder time forgetting about her crush on Officer Haught. With some chocolate cookies, a well-done karaoke version of “Come to My Window” and some misdirection, she is causing some drama for Wayhaught.


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5. She’s come to steal Doc’s mustache.

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Add your own guesses to the comments!


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