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The intertubes were all abuzz yesterday when the CW’s Batwoman casting announcement went out. Australian model and actress Ruby Rose won the coveted role, which had every twenty-something queer actress rushing to make audition tapes in the past few weeks. Reaction among potential fans was mixed, with many suggesting Rose was a safe choice due to her built in appeal to straight audiences. However, there were also a lot of excitement about her casting with kind words from people like Janelle Monae, Batwoman comic writer Greg Rucka, and Batwoman writer and showrunner, Caroline Dries.



Rose has been out as gay and genderfluid for most of her career, and has been in blockbuster films like Pitch Perfect 3, John Wick 2, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and of course, as Stella on Orange is the New Black. Batwoman producers were adamant about casting an out actress, which drew both applause and criticism. The first time we meet Batwoman/Kate Kane will be during the DC Arrowverse crossover event in December, and from there a Batwoman pilot should likely emerge. What do you think about Rose’s casting?

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  • Scarlett Hill
    Posted August 8, 2018 3:34 pm 0Likes

    It’s only making heteronormative society happy. The ‘I would turn gay for’ actress isn’t impressing the already gay crowd (or what seems on Twitter, most of) – If CW consider what society wants, then that includes the communities within society, especially the LGBTQ+ regarding this film. I admire Ruby and the work she’s done for the community however this was not her role. It’s all money making for them, no genuine thought or care.

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