“Wonderful” and “funny”: reviews of Bella Books are in!

Reviews of Bella Books are in and they are glowing! From a lotto winner looking for love to a Hollywood starlet finding her person, our books are pleasing readers and reviewers alike. But don’t take it from us, read on to hear directly from them.

Reviews of December new releases

Reviews of our piping hot new releases (which just came out last week!) have been overwhelmingly positive.

Jackpot by Cade Haddock Strong was given 5 stars by reviewer Cathy Williams on NetGalley. The reviewer writes, “There are many layers to this sweet story which is well written and kept me keen…the author has hit the jackpot on this one.” Aleana Harris gave the book 4 stars on Goodreads, writing “This was a good read…I like that Ty has a support system that didn’t ask for anything but was there to guide her.”

Stacy Lynn Miller‘s From the Ashes has gotten a handful of very nice reviews. Reviewer Aleana H. gave the book 5 stars on NetGalley: “I enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next book.” Also on NetGalley, reviewer Lissa Garrett gave the novel 5 stars, writing “Miller is a wonderful storyteller and this story has you sitting on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The first book in the series, Out of the Flames, was a 5-star read and From the Ashes is the same as it ducks and weaves and thrills and spills all the way to the end.” Rainbow Reflection‘s Betty Harmon also gave the book 5 stars: “This is an action-packed story with a complex plot.” Harmon continues, “This is definitely a character-driven tale, and Ms. Miller has done an excellent job of creating realistic characters, both good and bad.” R Swier gave the book 5 stars on NetGalley, writing “This book was very engaging with tense moments, emotional breakdowns and recovery, and most of all, tender loving scenes.” Also on NetGalley, reviewer Emma Smith gave the book 5 stars: “If you’re looking for a read that keeps you on your toes with action and you want a little romance too, this one is for you. I can’t wait for future books by Miller.”

Maybe Charlotte by Louise McBain has received some strong reviews. Emma Anderson gave it 5 stars on NetGalley, calling the book “wonderful!” and noting it’s “one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in a while.” Karen Reno-Cobb gave the book 5 stars on NetGalley: ” What sets Louise McBain apart for me is that her books are so funny, but it’s not artificially hilarious sitcom dialogue funny. She sneaks in random observations that maybe some readers don’t notice, but I found myself chuckling several times.” Also on NetGalley, Skip Singleton gave the book 4 stars, writing “Overall this a sweet romance full of moments to keep you interested and great chemistry between the main characters. I’d recommend to all wlw romance fans.” Pin gave the book 4 stars on Goodreads, writing “It is a full-blooded romance with very charming and likable protagonists who have great chemistry together…The writing is very good with interesting plot, nice dialogue and pacing.”

Reviews of November new releases

Reviews of our November new releases continue to roll in and they are very positive!

Gerri Hill‘s The Stars at Night continues to receive strong reviews. Michele gave the book 4.5 stars on Goodreads, writing ” I enjoyed the simplicity of this book and the activities, I felt engaged with all of the characters, and the flirting was playful and spoke the words that neither Lexie or Kyler could at the time.” On Instagram, Alysa aka dclawtina writes “I absolutely loved this queer wlw romance…The scenes between the two leads all felt very natural and the dialogue flowed very well. Hill is clearly a master at writing romance, and she’s now on my list of must-read authors.”

Synclair by Rachel Gold has more strong reviews rolling in. Jasmine G gave the book 5 stars on NetGalley, writing “I really loved all the characters, and Rachel Gold really made sure to explore all of their unique stories. This was a fun YA with cute romance and an interesting exploration of spirituality. If there is anyone who can make that combination work it is the brilliant Rachel Gold.” Phoebe’s Randoms also gave the book 5 stars: “I loved [the love triangle] and Synclair. Gold takes on some controversial topics and does it splendidly!” Also on NetGalley, Bianca Ribeiro gave the book 4 stars, saying “I loved to see the development of Synclair. The writing is also very fluid and it’s super fast to read.” Best Lesfic Reviews gave the book 4 stars, writing “This book is mostly about acceptance…The dialogues flow, there are some hilarious moments and snappy back chat. The interactions and relationships are believable and every single person is extremely likeable. Quite a nice read, this.”

#CassiNova by Lori G. Matthews also continues to receive nice reviews. Phoebe’s Randoms gave it 5 stars, writing “#CassiNova is funny. You will have to hold your belly because it will be cramping from laughing so hard. Lori G. Matthews has produced a rom-com for the season.” On NetGalley, Kat Wardyla also gave the book 5 stars: “Omg, this was amazing, funny and sweet book. You will laugh, and cry and laugh some more…Excellent book in my opinion.” Samantha at The Lesbian Review enjoyed the book, writing “The slow burn romance is tempered with humor that keeps the pace until the romance peaks. Keeping with great timing, there are also well written genuine and sincere moments.”

Reviews of older releases

Our older releases are also still receiving great reviews!

Gray Matters by Dolores Arden continues to receive strong reviews. On NetGalley, Bonnie Sherrard gave the book 4 stars, writing “It’s hard to believe this is Ms Arden’s first book. Wonderfully written… Great story, great characters. Simply put one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to read.” Leslie Shaip gave the book 4 stars on Kissing Backwards: “This one was a quick, wild, and hot ride. I enjoyed both Remy and Giana, loved how parts of their stories were alike but completely different at the same time.” Anna Gram at The Lesbian Review enjoyed the book: “This was a murder mystery that was a little different. Arden puts a lot of emphasis on the developing relationship than the actual case itself, and honestly, I didn’t mind it…the murderer storyline is slowly simmering in the back, waiting patiently. Suddenly, it jumps out and surprises you, and highlights just how strong and smart, and right, these two women are when they work together in any capacity.”

Carolyn Elizabeth‘s The Other Side of Forestlands Lake received 4 stars from Andi Kent on NetGalley: “Awesome book. Finished it in one day. A second-chance romance with murder-mystery and supernatural haunting on the side. Not really my genre, but I love Carolyn Elizabeth’s other books so jumped at this one and did not regret it!”

Queen of Humboldt by Tagan Shepard received a nice review from Michelle Blakey at The Lesbian Review: “It is a pulse pumper with a ton of action that will keep you excitedly flipping the page to see what is coming next…I love how this book embraces what it is and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. I was expecting action and I got it in spades.”

Peggy J. Herring‘s Shelter from the Storm received a strong review from Samantha at The Lesbian Review, writing “Each sentence is written with purpose, each scene having relevance to the big picture. While definitely a romance, there is a lot of focus on the implications of family dynamics, coming out, and coming of age. The supporting characters are an integral part of the story and I appreciated how well Herring made sure they all fit. The sex scenes were few and relatively short, but they were sensual and satisfying enough.”

Counting on Love by R.L. Burgess received 4 stars from Melissa F. on NetGalley: “This was a great book. I really like the power dynamics with boss/employee storylines. Add in longing crushes and kids and I’m a sucker.” Melissa continues “The characters were a pleasure to read about.”

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