Where you can watch, rent and buy lesbian, bi and queer feature films

Something I hear fairly often is, “where can I find lesbian, bi and queer films?” The good news is there are quite a few places to choose from that can fit your needs whether you are looking for streaming films, rentals, or DVDs to purchase.


Source: Saving Face


Amazon: If you are a Prime member then you are in luck because there are a number of films already at your fingertips included in your membership. But don’t fret if you aren’t a member, or if the movie you want to watch isn’t included in Prime. You can easily rent or download for purchase dozens of films, that won’t break the bank. (Examples of what you’ll find: Disobedience, Saving Face)


Vudu: This smart TV app has a surprising amount of LGBTQ films at the ready for rental and purchase. Check out the section Special Interests, then choose the LGBT tab. You can sort by most popular or look for new releases too. (Examples of what you’ll find:  But I’m a Cheerleader, What Keeps You Alive, Imagine Me and You)


Netflix: While Netflix might be the most popular, its selection of films for queer women is sparse at best. Let’s work on that, Netflix so we can chill. (Examples of what you’ll find: Princess Cyd, The Feels, Below Her Mouth)


Source: I Can’t Think Straight


TelloFilms: This independent streaming and production site offers a number of feature films to watch along with their original webseries. For $4.99 a month you can have access to over a dozen webseries, and select films. (Examples of what you’ll find: Liberty’s Secret, I Can’t Think Straight, Butch Jamie)


Youtube Movies: The wildly popular channel’s movie channel is here and very queer. There is a growing selection of older and new films to watch from the comfort of your Smart TV, laptop or even your phone. Just click on Youtube Movies, then the LGBT tab. (Examples of what you’ll find: The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Signature Move, Girltrash)


Source: Kiss Me


Wolfe Video: Wolfe Video has been around long before these streaming sites even existed. If you were looking for lesbian films in the 80s and 90s, Wolfe was pretty much the only place you could find them. Wolfe is still going strong, and you can find most new LGBTQ releases along with classics like Claire of the Moon and Everything’s Relative. Most of Wolfe’s selections are for purchase, but you will find a number of rentals on Wolfe on Demand as well.  (Examples of what you’ll find: All About E, Desert Hearts, Kiss Me)




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