What’s happening this spring in lesbian and bi entertainment

Spring is in the air, my darlings! The sun is in mighty Ares, and Mercury will be in retrograde until mid-April, so for the love of all our electronics let’s focus our energy on the positive things happening this season.



April has tour dates for all your icons! Hayley Kiyoko will be touring up and down the west coast this month and tickets are moving fast.

Looking for concerts Down Under? Halsey has you covered with tour dates in late April for Australia and New Zealand. Never fear state-side fans, she’ll be back in the US for three more concerts starting May 19th.

Clearly, New Zealand and Australia are the place to be this April, as Melissa Etheridge was recently touring both countries! Don’t worry, she’ll be heading back to the US this summer, starting in Massachusetts by June.




April will bring mighty talent to the small screen. Season two of HBO’s Westworld, starring bisexual actress and activist Evan Rachel Wood, will debut on April 22nd. Still no word on when Maeve and Dolores will get their own spin-off, but what are we without hope? Head over to the official twitter for the series and watch the trailer.

You know who I miss? Parker Posey. Thankfully, I don’t have to miss her much longer. Posey has been cast as Doctor Smith in Netflix’s reboot of Lost In Space. Hooray for gender-flipped roles! Season One is set to stream April 13th. Check out the trailer on Netflix or Youtube.

Extending beyond the spring season, Netflix will have around 700 original television shows worldwide in 2018, according to CFO David Wells, and the streaming service is planning to release 80 original films, says chief content officer Ted Sarandos.

Inquiring minds want to know, of the nearly 800 releases projected this year, how many of them will be gay?






Tribeca Film Fest will be good to us this year with two major films to keep an eye on. Disobedience, starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams is already creating lots of buzz (check back soon for a review), and will be delivering some Oscar caliber performances. Then there’s Duck Butter, a film starring out bisexual actress Alia Shawkat and Laia Costa, as two women who are fed up with traditional relationship models, and vow to spend twenty-four hours together, having sex and getting to know each other. The film is produced by the Duplass Brothers.


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