What we know about “The L Word Generation Q” so far

As you probably know, dear readers, The L word is coming back this fall and info about the series has been trickling in. The series, which will be a continuation of some of the The L Word‘s major players’ stories and include new characters as well. Creator Ilene Chaiken has handed over the reins to new show runner, Marja Lewis Ryan, and fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the new series. Here’s some recent news to get you even more excited to head back to LA and into the lives of Bette Porter, Shane McCutcheon, Alice Pieszecki and a new cast of queer folks.

Back in May, Showtime revealed a poster and name for the series: The L Word Generation Q. There wasn’t much explanation regarding the name but it likely references the word queer and how it’s become so widely used and embraced by the community, especially Gen X and Millennials.

Star Jennifer Beals revealed the show’s writing room, which is filled with diverse voices. Writers include Regina Hicks (Insecure, Girlfriends), Thomas Page McBee (Tales of the City) and Nancy C. Mejía (Vida). Many of the writers are quite new to the industry, which is very exciting to see.

We know about two of the new characters thanks to a glimpse at the pilot script. Dani is a cis lesbian and PR executive, and Micah is a trans man and climate scientist. They also happen to be exes and best friends. The show’s characters now live on the East side of LA, bye bye West Hollywood. Also, Bette and Tina’s kid, Angelica? She’s a teenager now! Can you believe?

Stars (and executive producers) Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig have been making appearances at Prides to help publicize the series. The two have remained dear friends since the original series.

There’s going to be an L Word reunion at ClexaCon next year. ClexaCon, the world’s largest media and entertainment convention for LGBTQ women and allies, announced this week that Hailey, Moennig and Sarah Shahi would be attending the 2020 con. Expect a heck of a panel with these three in tow.

That’s what we know so far, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the L loop when any new announcements are made.

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