What lesbian or bi period piece should you watch?

Do you love period pieces? We’re actually at a great time in LGBTQ media where we’re seeing a number of new period tales featuring lesbian and bi women through the ages. So, whether you love period pieces or are brand new to them, here are some suggestions (where lesbians don’t die tragically) on what you should check out. (And don’t forget, Bella has a great selection of period pieces/historical fiction as well!)

Love a good mystery mixed with your lesbian romance? Try The Fingersmith or The Handmaiden, the newer adaptation of Sarah Waters‘ popular Victorian bestseller. You can find both films on Amazon Prime.

Not into Victorian? How about some Edwardian or Georgian with a healthy dose of humor? Try the excellent Gentleman Jack series on HBO. You’ll be attending the church of Anne Lister soon enough. You can find Gentleman Jack on HBO and the BBC.

Love bees and can handle a thoughtful romance with a heavy doze of melancholy? Then check out Tell it to the Bees. Just bee aware, the end differs from author Fiona Shaw’s original book conclusion. You can find Tell it to the Bees now on Amazon Prime and Showtime.

Love a hopeful ending and lots of Cate Blanchett? Then Carol, based on Patricia Highsmith’s 1950s novel, The Price of Salt, is right up your alley. You can find Carol now on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

Love art mixed with a passionate romance, and lots of brooding by the sea. Then don’t miss the Cannes winning Portrait of a Lady on Fire, by lesbian director Céline Sciamma. This gorgeous film takes place in France in the late-1800s, and get this, NO LESBIANS DIE! You can catch the film in select theaters now and keep an eye out for when it hits VOD.

Want a period piece about a real historical figure, and lots of amazing music? then check out Bessie, about the indomitable singer Bessie Smith who was an incredibly popular blues singer in the 1920s and 1930s.The bisexual Bessie is played by Queen Latifah, and the film is directed by out lesbian director, Dee Rees. You can find Bessie on Amazon and HBO.

And of course, we have to mention the period piece that really won our hearts back in the early aughts, Tipping the Velvet. This Sarah Waters-based mini-series was groundbreaking and featured the story of Nan Astley and her misadventures in Victorian England. Finding love, losing love, and finding peace. It’s a real must if you love a real sweeping epic. You can find Tipping the Velvet on BritBox, through Amazon.

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