What Bella authors are thankful for this year

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we at Bella have been thinking about all the things we are thankful for this year. We are all especially thankful for you, our readers, whose support is immeasurable. Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.


Genevieve Fortin: I’m grateful for my partner, my dogs, and my family. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have to keep growing personally and professionally. I’m grateful for change and I embrace it. I’m grateful for yoga and meditation. And for pink skies, always.

Riley Scott: This year, my heart is full of gratitude. In September, the most incredible woman in the world became my wife. I am thankful for the many ways in which she enriches my life with laughter, love, encouragement, kindness, art, inspiration, and joy. I’m thankful for our sweet pack of dogs, including our new addition–a senior Cocker Spaniel rescue, whose silly antics, loud snoring and abundant love warm my heart. My wife and our dogs make up our perfect, quirky family, and I’m most grateful for them; however, the list does not stop there.

I’m thankful for:
-our home and my quiet writing nook.
-family and friends, whose love reminds me what matters most in life.
-creative minds and dreamers who inspire me daily.
-book lovers and avid readers who give authors like me a chance to live our dreams.
-good music, which serves equal parts as therapy and as my inspiration for creativity.
-coffee, which makes me a better human being.
-my unruly, curly hair, which keeps my control freak nature in check by reminding me I’m absolutely not in control.
-patience and stubborn dedication that enabled me to finally decipher and master my grandmother’s bread recipe, just in time for Thanksgiving (after seven years of trial and error).


Lara Hayes: Picture it, last year.My brother and I were sharing a tiny apartment above a Thai restaurant right in the middle of our tiny town’s historic main street. Quaint and picturesque though Main Street may be, our views consisted of a parking lot and the face of a neighboring building where a tow-headed toddler would come to the window and stare. Just stare at us, you guys. And that is to say nothing of the bat problem…

The kitchen was the living room and counter space was a three by one block beside the apartment stove. Have you ever had an apartment stove? It’s a stove that has been cut in half and the only cooking temperature is nuclear.  Do you know what you can’t cook in an apartment stove? A turkey of any size.

So this year, I’m incredibly thankful to have moved! We have a whole couch now, with like three cushions, it’s incredible (this is the future millennials want). A washer and dryer that isn’t full of lint left by strangers. And I’m finally in possession of a kitchen that is worthy of my talents.

I’m thankful to have enough space that my mother can come down for the holidays and stay under the same roof as her kids. I’m thankful that the kitchen table is in the kitchen, and that the kitchen is not the living room. I’m thankful for friends that have reached out to make sure I’ve got somewhere to go on Thanksgiving and even more grateful that somewhere is home this year.



Dana Piccoli: I am thankful for adventure. This year my work has taken me to San Fransisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and London. It’s been an incredible experience to do what I love and meet so many wonderful people while doing it.

Laina Villeneuve: This year, I am thankful for time. Once I finished Kat’s Nine Lives, I gave myself permission to have a break from writing. That’s given me time to lose myself in so many of my colleague’s wonderful books. Time to build up guitar callouses. Time to bake and savor prelude pumpkin and apple pies with my sister. Every day truly feels like a gift.

Tracey Richardson: I’m thankful for having had my grandmother for all 54 years of my life, until this month when she passed at the age of 99.

Erica Abbott: In a year of turmoil and loss, I find myself increasing grateful for the world outside my window. I’m lucky enough to live with a view of Pikes Peak and a sweeping vista of Rocky Mountains (yes, they often are purple). Whether you have mountains or ocean, forest or a cityscape, the beauty of the world around you is worthy of our gratitude.

Michaela Lynn: I’m thankful for family and good friends. The older I get, the more I realize how precious both are and how ephemeral the time we have with them can be.

Dillon Watson: I am thankful for my health.

Carolyn Elizabeth: I am thankful for my children and their otherworldly ability to both keep me young and age me simultaneously.

KG MacGregor: It seems everywhere we turn these days, there are people in need — people disadvantaged, persecuted, and fighting tremendous battles that upend their lives. I’m thankful this year for those who give, whether it’s volunteering for nonprofits, donating to food banks and shelters, chipping in on a GoFundMe site, or writing checks to charities and causes. I’m thankful too for those who speak out against injustice, and who cast their vote to make life better for others. You light the way to our humanity.

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