Watch out world, “Batwoman” is coming to save the day

The internet was all abuzz yesterday with news that The CW would be going ahead with a Batwoman series, and the titular character would indeed be a lesbian as she is in the comics. Not only that, but head writer Caroline Dries is an out lesbian herself, and the show is seeking an out queer actress to play Batwoman/socialite Kate Kane. Is your head spinning yet?

Batwoman will join other major lesbian and bi DC-verse characters on the CW including Thunder/Anissa on Black Lightning, Alex Danvers on Supergirl, and Sarah Lance on Legends of Tomorrow. The CW network has had a complicated relationship with LGBTQ fans (Lexa’s death on The 100 inspired fans to create a fandom revolution, and Maggie Sawyer’s exit was a crushing blow to many Supergirl fans) but lesbian leads are few and far between, and having a member of the LGBTQ community at the helm is promising. We’ll first meet Kate during one of The CW’s famous crossover episodes, and the network is currently looking for their out leading lady. Here’s a few ideas, CW.


Hayley Kiyoko. It doesn’t get much more 20Gayteen than Hayley, an out gay woman with an already passionate fanbase.


Samira Wiley. Ok yes, she’s busy with The Handmaid’s Tale but a girl can dream.


Jasika Nicole. Seriously, don’t sleep on this talented lady.


Ali Liebert. We’ve missed Ali desperately since Bomb Girls and she has the moxie to pull this off.


Natasha Negovanlis. The pansexual powerhouse has already played a vamptastic heroine, and it would be lovely to see her don Batwoman’s gear.


Are you excited about Batwoman?


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