“Top notch” and “Adorable” Bella Books reviews are in!

Reviews of Bella Books are in and reviewers are loving our authors’ books! “Top notch” and “Adorable” can only mean one thing: a deluge of glowing reviews. From stories about young adults falling in love to vampires with secrets, reviewers are loving our recent releases (and some older ones, too!). But, hey, don’t listen to us. Read what reviews are saying below!

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September new releases from Bella Books

Bella Books’ September new releases have received some very compelling praise.

Kenna White‘s Confessions of a Dreamer received a nice review from Bonnie Sherrard on NetGalley who gave the book 4 stars, writing, “Ms White has given us a book that, if you were a fan already you just know how much you will probably enjoy this one. Simply put a lovely story that develops into another winner for Ms White. A very enjoyable read.”

[Un]common Ground by Pol Robinson and Erica Abbott also received a nice review from Bonnie Sherrard on NetGalley. Sherrard gives the book 4 stars: “Having read and enjoyed Ms Abbotts books, [I] was really glad I got the chance to read her last work along with Pol Robinson.” The reviewer continues, “Ms Abbott and Ms Robinson have given us a thoroughly enjoyable read. Both characters are well developed along with a supporting cast that makes for a fast, fun read”

Cheri Ritz‘s Let the Beat Drop received 4 stars from Rainbow Reflections, where the reviewer wrote, “The romance is adorable, and perfect for the target age group this book is written for. I wish there had been more books like this when I was young, but I’m glad to see them now.” The reviewer continues, “This is a really nice New Adult romance that would be ideal for adults in their twenties. Even though I am definitely not in that age group, I had fun reading this story, and I recommend it to all who are young at heart.”

August new releases

Good reviews of Bella Books August new releases continue to pour in!

Baxter Brown‘s Following Chancereceived a strong review on Goodreads from reviewer Pin who gave the book 4.25 stars. “The plot is interesting and really holds one’s interest all through. Once I started, I just could not put the book down.” Pin continues, “I sincerely recommend this book for all romance lovers (especially to those who love elevated levels of angst), and am looking forward to Baxter’s next novel, hoping that she will continue writing stories like this one.” Over on NetGalley, reviewer nutmeg gave the book five stars, writing, “I enjoyed the book so much I couldn’t read fast enough to find out more about their story.” Nutmeg also writes, “This is top notch writing with a depth to draw readers into the story. I was totally absorbed and still have lingering sentiments days after reading the book. A clear winner for me.” Also on NetGalley, reviewer Paola Ferro gave Following Chance 4 stars: “This is a great second chance romance, full of humor. Baxter Brown brings a well written story.”

Cowgirl 101 by Laina Villeneuve received 4 stars from Rainbow Reflections: “This book has all the elements of an exceptional modern western romance with two unique and individual main characters.” The reviewer continues, “If you love modern day western romance with distinctive and engaging characters set in a stunningly beautiful land, then I can recommend this novel for you.” On Goodreads, reviewer Pin gave Cowgirl 101 4 stars, writing “The story is well rounded with good conflict, and a lot of interesting information about guided mule trips in the wilderness of High Sierras trails…I was very happy with this book and could easily recommend it.” Over on the Bella Books website, Ameliah, a Bella customer, writes “I LOVED this book!!!! It has cowgirls, horses and mules, a dog, the wilderness, a hunky, angsty ice queen, a sexy woman to thaw her…so much good stuff in here!!! There was absolutely nothing I didn’t love about this book and I cannot wait to read another book by this amazing author!”

Assault in Asheville by Kate Merrill received 5 stars from Phoebe’s Randoms: “This is a great mystery to spend a rainy day with or sit in the backyard on a sunny day. Huddle down in Asheville and enjoy all of the mayhem and tea which Kate Merrill serves with panache.” Over on NetGalley, Órla Smith gives the book 4 stars. “Before I had even finished Assault in Asheville, I bought the other three books in the series, that’s how smitten I am with Kate Merrill and I think it’s pretty much the best compliment and recommendation I can give any author on first reading their work. (I’ve already read two of the three and they’re pretty awesome.)” Smith continues, “Both Amanda and Sara are brilliant characters, even jumping in to the middle of their relationship, seeing them interact, even when they’re not getting on, is fascinating. The Asheville art scene people are hilarious and the small-town atmosphere is delightfully intense and claustrophobic. All in all, I definitely recommend this book.”

June and July new releases

Bella Books June and July new releases are still getting some high praise.

Jaime Clevenger‘s Just One Reason received a very nice review from Victoria Thomas at The Lesbian Review who writes “I enjoy diving into a traditional romance where I know exactly what I’m going to get, and then being delighted with a host of clever details that make the story feel fresh and brand new. This book checked all the boxes on my list of what I want in a good book. I got to bond with two intriguing main characters. The plot had enough angst to make me question in there’d be a happily ever after (Hint: it’s a romance.), and the sex was hot. From any way you look at it, this story’s a winner.” Bookvark gives the book 4 stars: “I have gotten so much entertainment out of [the Paradise Romance series]. I love the characters and friend group. That while each story focuses on a new budding relationship, the same characters pop in and we see that they continue to progress in their respective partnerships.” The reviewer continues “I recommend to those who like to read about romance, medical drama, inheritance, family issues, jealousy, hot sex, and solo vacations.”

All Together Stranger by Lara Hayes received 5 stars on NetGalley where reviewer Sera Taino writes, “The intensity and suspense is much higher in this novel because the stakes just got wildly complicated. Stela loves Elizabeth more than she loves Fane, but she can’t reveal her connection. Doing so would risk both her and Elizabeth’s existence. It makes for a much tenser novel. Also, you get to really see what vampires are made of. They are gorgeous, seductive and utterly lethal, and the circumstances of a hidden love affair just made everything that much more engaging, especially when the couple in question are often at odds with each other. There is a dark realism to this that makes Stela and Elizabeth a compelling pair.” Over on Goodreads, reviewer Hannah T also gave the book 5 stars: All Together Stranger “is different from many vampire books that all seem very cliche and sort of follow the same storyline. I’m very excited to see what happens with Stela and Elizabeth! … This is probably the best series regarding vampire women that I have so far read.” Also on Goodreads, MZ gives the book 4.5 stars, writing “Fantastic second book in the Redamancy series. These books are so well written, they are dark and gripping!”

May and earlier new releases

Our new releases from May and before continue to receive great reviews!

Ann RobertsDying on the Vine received 5 stars on The Lesbian Book Blog where reviewer Deb McCall writes, “Roberts excels in crafting characters that are intriguing and compelling; her characters are never flat. With Dying on the Vine, Roberts manipulates her character development quite effectively. She pushes the limits and incorporates a few character twists that will most assuredly keep readers surprised and entertained. She challenges her readers though to open their minds, but not without purpose.” Over on Goodreads, Jo also gave the book 5 stars: “What elevates this novel is how the author introduces complexity in the suspect dynamics by having several characters in open, sex positive relationships. I also sympathized with one aged suspect’s self-doubt, anxiety and vulnerability due to his failing physical and mental faculties. Last but not least, my inner nerd was absolutely thrilled by the well-researched science and challenges behind wine-making.”

Out of Flames by Stacy Lynn Miller continues to receive strong reviews. On Goodreads, Lex Kent gave the book 4 stars: “This book brought on all the feels, and made me grab for the tissues. Thank you, Stacy Lynn Miller, for giving me the emotional book I was looking for.” Kent continues: “If you are looking for a book that is emotional, exciting, hopeful, and entertaining, you came to the right place.”

Becky Harmon’s Brace for Impactreceived high praise at The Lesbian Review where Valden Bush writes “I loved the backdrop to both Lucy and Dex’s lives and the slow release of the factors that have made the women as they are. It takes some skill to release the details and keep the reader enticed and wanting to know more.” Bush continues: “Brace for Impact is a well written and engaging slow burn romance that keeps you interested and turning the pages.

Audiobooks from Bella Books

Bella Books audiobooks have also received some nice reviews!

M.B. Guel‘s Queerleaders, narrated by Chloe Cannon, received a nice review from The Lesbian Review: “Chloe Cannon has a fun, light style of narration that works well with the YA genre…It was well paced and each voice was consistent throughout, making it easy to follow the story. I enjoyed the audiobook and will absolutely listen to it again…”

The Lesbian Review said of Gerri Hill‘s Coyote Sky, narrated by Abby Craden, “Abby Craden is an excellent narrator. She keeps the largish cast of characters clear throughout and I never wondered who was speaking. Her pacing is good and she pairs excellently with Hill’s writing. The phrase dream team comes to mind when I think them.”

Storms, narrated by Abby Craden and written by Gerri Hill, also received some high praise from The Lesbian Review. “Abby Craden did an excellent job of conveying the deep feelings and sexual tension between the two main characters. Her male voices were good and her pacing and annunciation was clear and pulled me right into the story never once making me jump out because of something odd or distracting.”

Gerri Hill and Abby Craden also teamed up for Hunter’s Way, which The Lesbian Review loved: “Abby Craden and Gerri Hill are a dynamic combination. Craden delivers Hill’s large cast, complex story and snappy dialogue with style. I loved the layers in the story and was thrilled that Craden managed to bring them to life so that we didn’t miss any of Hill’s subtleties.”

And, Gallow’s Humor, by Carolyn Elizabeth and narrated by Lori Prince, and Stepping Stone, by Karin Kallmaker and narrated by Abby Craden, made Lez Review Books “Top 10 best lesbian romance audiobooks of 2020”

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