Thwarted plans make May new releases tense and exciting

Bella Books’ May new releases are fun, tense books about the best laid plans—and what happens when those plans fall apart like a Jenga tower. If you’re getting cabin fever staying safer at home, these are just the books to lose yourself in. From Death’s Head Minion falling for a mortal (yes, you read that correctly) to the return of a past lover complicating things in a solid relationship to a murder at a vineyard, you won’t want to miss these page-turners! And don’t forget to check out our April new releases!

May new release Reaping the Benefits
Reaping the Benefits by E.J. Noyes

When the Grim Reaper’s Head Minion has to make one of her favorite human employees named Jane complete a questionnaire that will determine where Jane goes in the afterlife, she’s not too happy about the prospect—especially because she can’t deny her attraction to Jane. So, when Jane asks Morgan to help her complete her bucket list, Morgan helps. Little does she know that one of Jane’s items is “Sleep with my boss.” After centuries of heartbreak, can Morgan risk loving another mortal?

Noyes also wrote a fun essay about writing Reaping the Benefits, so make sure to check it out.

May new release Begin Again
Begin Again by Kat Jackson

Things have gotten a bit stale between Emery and her partner Lauren. They still love each other, but the fact that something is off is undeniable. So, when a love interest from her past named Burke shows up, Emery can’t help but remember what they once had. Time has passed, women have come and gone, but Emery has never forgotten what Burke made—or maybe makes?—her feel. Torn between past and present, Emery struggles to acknowledge that she’s falling for someone new while still loving the woman she thought she’d spend a lifetime with.

Don’t miss this great essay about writing Begin Again from Kat Jackson!

May new releases Dying on the Vine
Dying on the Vine by Ann Roberts

Sleuth Ari Adams just wanted to take a vacation. She wanted to sip pinot noir and stare out into Oregon’s wine country with her BFF Jane. But, when they arrive at the vineyard to find the sommelier has been murdered, with more than a few people happy to see him gone, Ari is on the case. Complicating matters is Jane’s friend Mina who is waiting on Ari to solve the murder. Ari’s romantic assumptions about winemaking are shattered when she realizes fervent love for wine is just another motive for murder.

Dying on the Vine, Book 8 in the Ari Adams Mystery Series, is not to be missed.

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