These YA romances will lift your spirits

Bella Books is thrilled to be able to offer more and more YA and New Adult titles. Here are a few that are rooted in self-discovery and new love. These ebooks are also on sale for a limited time!

Girl Squad by Kim Hoover

In the 1970s, a lazy hot summer in a small Texas town becomes something else entirely when Cal Long’s mother goes missing. Teenage Cal, her best friend Rachel, and beautiful newcomer Jane try to get to the bottom of the mystery themselves since the authorities don’t seem to be coming up with any answers. As they travels across Texas following clues, Cal is drawn to Jane in a way she’s never experienced before. It’s a story of story of friendship, love, and awakening

Full of Promise by Kate Gavin

High school senior Cameron Leoni doesn’t have much time in her busy life for much socializing – she’s helping raise her siblings, working to save for college, and what time is left is dedicated to soccer. Cameron meets new girl Riley Baker on the first day of soccer try-outs and the girls are immediately drawn to one another. Soon enough, feelings of friendship change into those of love, but Riley is scared to lose her best friend by confessing her true feelings.

In the Silences by Rachel Gold

Fourteen-year-old Kaz Adams is a genderqueer teen who loves comic books and hanging out with fellow student and secret crush, Aisha Warren. Through Aisha, Kaz gets a glimpse at the racism that pervades their town and is determined to stand with Aisha and try to change the culture of discrimination that has become the status quo.

Constellations by Meghan Diane

Traveling photographer Aurora has pledged not to get involved with another woman for six months after yet another terrible break-up, but when Rugby player and astronomy buff Phoenix comes into her life, will Aurora be able to resist falling?

My Zero Year by Rachel Gold

College student Lauren is determined to make her life great, which to her means finding a girlfriend and kicking butt in school. What she doesn’t expect is to find two women vying for her attention. Sierra is charming, total girlfriend material, but Blake helps Lauren tap into and accept something she’s been hiding for a long time.

The Story Thief by Shari McNally

In this modern Cinderella story with a twist. Ella Armstrong has long pined for the Rebel Queen of the school, Renee Hammond. When she gets the chance to be Renee’s knight in shining armor, she jumps at the chance, even if that means continuing to pine for Renee from the sidelines. When the sweet Diane Lacey comes into Ella’s life, Ella realizes she might just be able to have a fairytale ending after all.

Finding H.F. by Julia Watts

16-year-old Heavenly Faith (H.F.) Simms was abandoned by her mother at a young age and raised by a loving but deeply religious grandmother. When H.F. finds her mother’s address locked away in a drawer, she enlists her best friend, Bo, a closeted gay teen, to join her on the search. Their journey through the American South is one of discovery and found family.

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