These eight rockstar romances will have you singing

It’s nearly concert season and that has us thinking of the sultry musicians who hit all the right notes. These eight Bella novels feature rock musicians who have talent and appeal for days, and are the perfect accompaniment to those warm, summer nights. And you can get ebooks of these novels on sale for a limited time!


Backstage Pass by Riley Scott

Bad girl rock superstar, Raven, is a handful, so PR guru Christina Villanova is sent on tour with her to do some serious damage control and reputation rehab. When the two women get to know each other, each begins to let down their walls. However, Raven’s self-destructive nature might just push away the greatest connection she’s ever known.


The Song in my Heart by Tracey Richardson

Up and coming singer-songwriter Erika Alvarez  is surprised and delighted when veteran musician Dess Hampton takes an interest in her music. After packing away her own career, Dess sees much of herself on Erika’s journey. A journey that was thrilling until it all came crashing down. Will their growing connection be enough for Dess to put aside her fears and step into the spotlight again?


Jagged Little Scar by Michaela Lynn

Musician Jodi Price lost her singing voice to a terrible accident, and the scars aren’t only physical. When tech geek Sam Werstler’s friends drag her out to a concert after a nasty break-up, she’s drawn to the broody guitarist’s presence and pain. Can these two get past their own hurt to find happiness?


My Best Friend’s Girl by Blythe Warren

Drummer Jessie Durango has what it takes, and her band Nuclear Boots is about to break through the Chicago music scene. English professor Zoey Carmichael finds herself loving the music and message of the band, and is the object of lead singer Neal’s affections. The problem is, Zoey is taken by Jessie, not Neal. Jessie and Neal are best friends, but Jessie’s feelings for Zoey are the real deal too.


Darkstone by D Jordan Redhawk

Music and magic draw rocker Joram Darkstone and the mystical Naomi Kostopoulos together, but their paths have always been destined to merge. Fate has placed them on opposites sides, but love will bind them to each other.


Steel Eyes by Melissa Price

Rock star Steel Eyes is an enigma. Few know her true identity off the stage, and that’s just how she likes it. However, when her life is targeted by a would-be assassin, she finds herself turning to a woman from her past who knows all of her secrets.


Bird on a Wire by Tagan Shepard

This new novel by Tagan Shepard comes out on May 15th, so you’ll be able to pre-order it soon. After years of hard work, Robin Wren “Birdie” Scott is finally hitting the big time. The trouble is, her personal life is on the skids, namely her relationship with her wife, and deep sown feelings of hurt and anger towards her mother. When her mother unexpectedly passes, she leaves her sold out tour to head back to her small, mountain hometown. There she runs into her childhood best friend and first love, Sara. This time away proves life changing for Birdie in more ways than one.


In Her Eyes by Renee J. Lukas

Rock icon Adrienne Austen is ready to tell-all to Rolling Stone magazine, including about her love affair with former Governor Robin Sanders. With Robin in hiding after their affair went public, the public really buys into Adrienne’s bad girl persona. But there’s a lot me to the story in this sequel to Hurricane Days.

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