The reviews of Bella Books are in!

We’ve got fabulous reviews of Bella Books and our February and March 2020 releases to share with you, as well as some new reviews of older titles!

M.B. Guel’s debut YA romance Queerleaders is getting a lot of love from readers—and some very nice reviews. The Lesbian Review has given the novel a “the best of the best” label, with reviewer Sheena saying “This book is funny, sweet, easy to read and will leave your heart two sizes bigger than when you started. I cannot recommend this one enough.” Tara at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books said, “I can’t think of a book I’ve had more fun reading in a while.”

Gillette Park by Gerri Hill received five stars from Gaby at Lez Review Books, who wrote, “a superb lesbian mystery thriller book that will keep the reader turning pages.”

There’s some serious five-star praise for Amy Briant’s post-apocalyptic YA thriller The Book of Kell. NetGalley reviewers included Stephanie C., who said “Literally the best book I’ve read in a while.” Enthused Reviewer 380484 said, “I enjoyed this book more than I can even describe… I want more of this world, of these characters, of this stellar writing!” Carolyn M. raved “better than hundreds of other post-apocalyptic fiction out there, so if this genre is your jam, BUY THIS ONE.” Betty H. summed it up with “the best post-apocalyptic novel I think I’ve ever read…exceptionally written…riveting…you really must read this book.”

Jessie Chandler’s Quest for Redemption, is also getting some love from some excellent reviews. Ginger O. said “Amazing story… I really enjoyed this book… hope there is a sequel in the works!” Kat on Goodreads gave it five stars and loved the protagonist, saying “Flynn is amazing…love her character and I wonder if there is book #2 in the making!”

Claiming Camille, the debut novel from Louise McBain, also claimed some love from reviewers. Karen C. said “I sat down to read it, and four hours later am in a daze. This book is PERFECT… Five satisfying stars!” Kat W. said “WOW…came to my mind when I finished this book… Fantastic read!” On Goodreads, Corporate Slave had this to say:  “…very happy that I discovered this new author… the book was funny, witty and well written… Very fun and enjoyable lesbian debut novel.”

Reviews of Bella Books older releases

We’ve also got some recent reviews of older books. If you’ve missed out on these titles, here’s some convincing reasons to right that!

The audiobook of Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker, narrated by Abby Craden, got a five star review. The reviewer wrote, despite being published in 1996, Wild Things “is still oh so relevant. … Nothing in this book feels dated, and I loved rediscovering Faith and Sydney’s feelings. Abby Craden’s narration was wonderful as usual.”

Maggie Brown’s Reinventing Lindsay got some good love from Tara at Lesbian Reviews who wrote “Reinventing Lindsey was a delight from beginning to end and it’s one of my favorite books this year.” The novel was also named to two top books of the year lists at Lesbian Reviews: Tara’s Top 10 of 2019 and Victoria’s Top 15 of 2019.

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me by Tracey Richardson also received some good comments from Tara at the Lesbian Review who wrote, “If you’re a fan of contemporary romances, especially those with age gaps or opposites attract pairings, I recommend picking up I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reading this one again (especially if a spinoff happens!).”

Heather Rose Jones’ Floodtide has gotten a lot of strong praise. Mallory Lass at the Lesbrary wrote “Jones’ Alpennia Series isn’t really about romance but it is about love. She writes ‘found family’ better than anyone I’ve read.” On Goodreads K.J. Charles wrote, “I love this series–the domestic detail, the focus on the female, and the heroism of small details. Marvelous.” Karen at Kitty Kat’s Book Review Blog wrote, “Heather Rose Jones has a talent for meticulous world-building and her writing shows intelligence and a flair for her craft.”

“I really enjoyed the slow unravelling of the plot, and the calm, steady pacing. It built-up tension in both the ‘main’ plot and all the relationships, leaving you on the edge of your seat,” wrote Louise at Foxes and Fairy Tales and Liz Bourke at wrote “Floodtide is a measured, character-focused novel … And Roz’s voice, as she narrates the events of the novel, is a convincing one.” Lex Kent at Lez Review Books said, “This was a really good read. Jones writes very well and this book was no exception. … I would recommend this to fantasy fans and fans of the Regency era.”

April and Sheena at The Lesbian Review were big fans: “This story took me all the way back to the Regency era and my favorite books from that period … but this novel stands apart because it possesses an enchanting twist of fantasy and magical elements that blew my mind.” “I don’t know if I have ever read another author who so seamlessly blends as many disparate elements all into a compelling series with books as unique as each main character.” Rach at Les Reveur wrote, “I hadn’t heard of this author before I read Floodtide. Obviously I have now downloaded all of Jones’ novels because of course I did. She’s a great writer and this is an awesome book.”

And last, but far from least, Tara Scott at Lambda Literary wrote, “The worldbuilding in Floodtide is also excellent, bringing magic to early nineteenth-century Europe in a way that feels authentic. … Jones’s writing style is also so gorgeous, yet precise, that it’s impossible not to be spellbound by it.”

We’ll be back in the next month with another batch of reviews because folks are LOVING our books. You can find all of the books discussed above as well as author info and more on

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