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Gerri Hill‘s new mystery, Moonlight Avenue, is getting raves. Lex Kent of Goodreads said, “If you are a mystery fan don’t hesitate to grab this. This was a treat to read and I hope we will be seeing a book 2 soon.” Bethany of Goodreads was also a fan, saying, “There’s a reason that Gerri Hill is a known name in lesfic with 35 books to her name. If I see her name on a book, I’m going to pick it up and read it no matter what, and I’m always expecting a great read. Moonlight Avenue doesn’t disappoint, and once again, Hill has another winner!”

“If you’re a fan of contemporary romances, especially those with age gaps or opposites attract pairings, I recommend picking up I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” said Tara Scott of The Lesbian Review about Tracey Richardson’s latest romance. “I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reading this one again (especially if a spinoff happens!).”

Kat’s Nine Lives by Laina Villeneuve got two thumbs up by Victoria at The Lesbian Review. “Wow, I was so hooked on this book that I had to read it twice, back to back. The first time I read it, I completely lost myself in the story. I was so drawn in by the characters that I was thinking about them 24/7.”

“A great Hollywood romance novel that goes straight on my re-read list,” says Pin of Goodreads about Melissa Price‘s upcoming release, Smile Number Seven. You can pre-order the book now!

Debut writer Sofi Keren is getting some good buzz for her upcoming romance, Painted Over. Pin wrote “The plot was interesting with good pacing, and the book reads very easily. I liked the main characters, and there are some really good secondary characters. There is a nice second chance trope with some angst on the side.”

Ask Me Again by E.J. Noyes is the most important sequel I will ever read,” said Anna at the Lesbian Review. “Not every story needs a sequel. Ask, Tell demanded it, and Noyes delivers in spectacular fashion.”

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