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“This is a tried and true mystery book. It had everything I like in a good mystery and I could not set the book down,” says Lex Kent of Goodreads about Catherine Maiorisi‘s The Blood Runs Cold. This second book in the Chiara Corelli mystery series scored 4.5 stars.

Bolo Books also had great things to say about the follow up to A Matter of Blood. “The mystery is suitably complex, sure to keep readers guessing until late in the game.”


Robbi McCoy‘s 2010 release, Not Every River, just got some new love from the Omnivore Bibliosaur Blog, who recommends the romance during these frozen winter days. “If you’re looking for a respite from chilly winter climes and frozen hearts, dive into this satisfying and immersive contemporary romance.


Jenna Rae‘s The Third Eye got the thumbs up from Victoria at The Lesbian Review. “It’s a compelling read and it kept me guessing even when I thought I had everything figured out.”


Victoria also had wonderful things to say about Cameron’s Rules by Baxter Brown, and the book made her Favorite Lesbian Books list.The characters and the plot checked off everything on my list of what I want in a romance. Cameron’s journey will resonate with me for a long time and I highly recommend this book.


“I can’t believe that I went through a gamut of emotions with every word I read and I just couldn’t let Ari, Molly or Jack go even when the story ended,” says April of The Lesbian Review about Ann RobertsJustice Calls. The book is the seventh in the Ari Adams mystery series. “If you’re looking for heartfelt moments, character growth, timeless love coupled with an understanding that knows no boundaries and a compelling mystery, then this story is certainly for you!”




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