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“What a fun story with lots of fantastic music to read along to,” says Les Rêveur of Tracey Richardson‘s newest, You’re Gonna Love Me. “The pace was perfect and I hadn’t realized I had read so long until I had finished the book in one sitting.”


Les Rêveur also gave E.J. NoyesAsk Me Again, 5 stars!  “This book was an emotional roller coaster that I am so glad I jumped on.”


Virginia Hale‘s newest, Where There’s a Will, got praise from Bethany of Goodreads. “Even though you wouldn’t think that a romance in a murder house could work, somehow, Hale made it happen! This is my first read of a Hale novel, and she really managed to surprise me. This whole book was just different – in a good way.”


Reviewer Pin also gave WTaW some serious love. “With all main elements done really good, this makes another solid read by the author, very well worth reading. I recommend it, and am looking forward to her next book.”


Laina Villeneuve‘s Kat’s Nine Lives got the thumbs up from Pin at Goodreads. “Overall I was quite happy with this book, enjoyed reading it and could easily recommend it.”


With the new year come best of lists! Lise MacTague‘s Demon in the Machine made “K. Aten’s Top 10 Think Feel Discuss List” at the Lesbian Review, while The Neighbor by Gerri Hill made “April’s Top 10 Books for 2018.”
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