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Lex Kent at Goodreads reviewed all three of this month’s new releases and had wonderful things to say about them.

“I wanted to read a few chapters tonight, but ended up staying awake to 3am just to finish instead,” Lex said about Jaime Clevenger‘s Three Reasons to Say Yes. “I love a good book that you can’t put down. This was an impressive romance by Clevenger and my new favorite book by her.”


“This was the kind of book that made me feel good to read,” Lex said of Sheryl Wright‘s reality show romance, Queen of Hearts.


And finally, a little mystery! About Ann Roberts’ Justice Calls, Lex said, “It’s an important book in the series and I think Roberts did a good job with it. I’m not sure if this is planned to be the final installment. I would always read another, but if it is I think this will be a satisfying end for fans of the series.”


Tara over at The Lesbian Review had nice things to say about Bette Hawkins‘ latest romance, Like a Book. “Like a Book is Bette Hawkins’s second book and it has a lot of good things going for it (especially June!). If you enjoy contemporary romances, especially those set in Australia, you should check this one out. I look forward to seeing what’s next from this author.”


April over at TLR took on KG MacGregor‘s latest, A Proper Cuppa Tea, which made it into April’s Favorites list. “If you love books with picturesque landscapes, feisty women, meddling and well-meaning friends coupled with countless cups of delicious tea, then this story is definitely for you!”


And finally, Anna at TLR reviewed Gerri Hill‘s latest, The Neighbor, and it landed on her Favorites list too. This story has all the fun antics you would expect for a quality, low-stress, romantic comedy. Hill is wonderful in giving us characters that are intriguing and delightful that you never want to put the book down until the end.”


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