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Lambda Literary had terrific praise for Lara Hayes‘ debut Terrible Praise. “Hayes’ writing is a pleasure to read and provides thoughtful and sensitive observations, especially when it comes to her characters.”


Lex Kent at Goodreads had great things to say about KG MacGregor‘s latest romance, A Proper Cuppa Tea. “Overall, this was an enjoyable romance that was very easy to read. In my opinion this was classic MacGregor. I definitely recommend this to romance fans and I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did.”


Heather Rose Jones continues to score fabulous reviews for her Alpennia series. Tara Scott posted a guest review on the Smart Bitches site and had this to say about book one, Daughter of Mystery. “The writing is gorgeous, Margerit and Barbara’s arcs consumed me, and the mysteries kept me guessing (the plot ones, not the incantations). There’s such a richness to all of these elements that I just want Netflix or the BBC to make a miniseries so I can watch it for hours. I cannot recommend this book enough, and I’m excited to dive into the next book in the series!” Woohoo!


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