The reviews are in!

New releases came out last week and we have some wonderful reviews to share with you.


Rachel Gold‘s award winning YA novel, Being Emily was re-released with updates and added material and received high marks from reviewers Pin and Lex Kent of Goodreads. Lex Kent gives the book 4/5 stars and says, “This was a very well written, emotional read. I think this is the kind of book that members or friends of the LGBTQ community should try to read. There is a reason why the original book won awards.”

Tagan Shepard‘s second Bella romance, Bird on a Wire, also received some love from both reviewers. “With all main elements done well, this makes for another very good book by this author. Keep them coming!” says Pin, while Lex Kent comments, “This is Shepard’s second book and both have been good. She has become an author that I will automatically read now.”


If you want a gorgeous romance audiobook then this is the one,” says Sheena of the Lesbian Review about the audiobook version of Gerri Hill‘s Midnight Moon. “Go get it. And then listen to it over and over again. That’s what I did and it still makes me happy.” 

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