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Karin Kallmaker‘s newest romance, My Lady Lipstick, is getting rave reviews. The Lesbian Reading Room says, “The writing is excellent, tight and clean, and of course perfectly edited. The whole is a perfectly wrapped bundle of enjoyment for anyone who likes a good romance.”

The book also got some major love from Sheena and Tara of The Lesbian Review, and landed on both of their Favorite Lesbian Books lists. Sheena even makes a very sweet comparison. “Reading a Kallmaker book is like eating a really good chocolate, it’s delicious and makes me a happy girl. Well, this book is like getting the expensive chocolates. You know the ones you get someone for their birthday? It’s still chocolate but it is complex and delightful. It has the creaminess and flavour just right and it leaves a wonderful aftertaste.”

Lex Kent of Goodreads reviewed our March new releases and had praise for each. Of Genevieve Fortin‘s Dingo’s Recovery she says, “I really like how Fortin seems to write books that are a little different than the norm. It makes reading them enjoyable as they feel like really fresh stories. If you are looking for a sweet, age-gap romance, I would give this book a chance.”

About Kate Merrill‘s new mystery, Homicide in Hatteras, Lex said, “I was absolutely glued to the book towards the ending.” And “If you are looking for an enjoyable mystery book with likeable lesbian characters, this might be for you.”

Lex also read Gerri Hill‘s latest mystery, The Locket, and had great things to say. “If you are a Hill fan or a crime/romance fan, I think you will enjoy this one. As I said the romance is less of a focus, but I have to give Hill props for writing a very satisfying romantic ending. I hope Hill keeps writing, because I’ll keep on reading.”


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