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It’s new release week and we have more incredible reviews to share with you.

Attention dog lovers! Genevieve Fortin‘s upcoming romance, Dingo’s Recovery got some love from reviewer, Pin. “The story is quite rounded, clear in its message, with good pacing and reads easily and quickly. I read it in one sitting and that is something that I do not do very often.” You can pre-order it now!

Debut author Cade Haddock Strong is getting great reviews for her first Bella novel, The Schuyler House. “Why did this story have to end?” lamented April of The Lesbian Review. “I really want to read more about these characters!”

RJ Layer’s newest, Dreams Unspoken, made One of April’s Favourite Lesbian Books list!  “I love the way the dialogue flowed effortlessly between each character,” April writes. “The vivid portrayal of the vast landscape of the ranch, as well as the beautiful description of the animals, made me love this story so much.”

Catherine Maiorisi’s A Matter of Blood was a long time in the making, but the book was worth the wait. Erin Hodson at The Lesbian Review is looking forward to Book 2.  “For an obvious labour of love for Maiorisi, this book has very little self-indulgent writing. The characters are well fleshed out and relatable, with terrific chemistry between the leads and a great story line. There is nothing in this book that doesn’t need to be there, and it was a pleasure to read from start to finish. My only gripe is that number 2 in the series is not out yet!!”


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