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Lex Kent from Goodreads gives Karin Kallmaker‘s My Lady Lipstick high marks. “This was absolutely the right romance at the right time for me. I enjoyed this read and I hope others do as much as I did.”

Kallmaker also gets a thumbs up from reviewer Pin. “In short, My Lady Lipstick is a well-written story that I really liked and can easily recommend. If you have never read any of Karin Kallmaker’s books (she has written nearly thirty novels; what are you waiting for!?), this one can be a good start.”

Gerri Hill has an amazing ability to tell a deep and emotional story in an unpretentious way,” says VL of the Lesbian Reading Room, in the recent review of The Secret Pond. “She uses everyday life, triggers memories that will resonate with many, and, with the lightest of brushstrokes, takes us to a pace where things seem stripped down and simple without ever being simplistic.”

Anna Furtado of Lambda Literary had great things to say about Erica Abbott’s latest, Taken In. This story is an easy read—delightfully entertaining, jam-packed with baffling suspects and a surprising twist, all leading us to its satisfying end. A great read for the couch or the beach.”


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