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Catherine Maiorisi’s A Matter of Blood thriller got high marks from Lex Kent of Goodreads. “This book just instantly hooks you in and I could not put it down until I was done.”

Lex also had praise for Maggie Brown‘s new release, Playing the Spy. “This is a book that is easy to recommend to romance fans. I really enjoyed this and expect others will too. This has made me want to read the few Brown book’s I haven’t and to keep a sharp eye out for what she puts out next.”

A Secret to Tell, Book 6 of Ann Robert‘s Ari Adams’ mystery series really hooked reviewer April of The Lesbian Review. “This is surely one story you should not miss out on reading,” she writes. “I can assure you, this story has the right amount of angst, mystery, comedy and romance to keep you up way past your bedtime (I know I stayed up way past mine while I read this book).”

Speaking of Ann, her latest romance, Vagabond Heart got a thumbs up from The Lesbian Review. “It was such a delight to read about a main character who works in the construction industry (I just love a woman who is good with her hands). I cherish and enjoy a story that features people of various ethnicities and sexual orientations, above all, I enjoy it the most when the author gives me a glimpse into each character’s inner world.”

The Lesbian Review also had great things to say about D Jordan Redhawk‘s Pixie. “This is a fun romp of an urban fantasy novel. Fans of Darkstone will appreciate getting another vision of Redhawk’s universe. Those who haven’t read Darkstone will be treated to a great novel, and one that should compel them to check out that novel as well. Lesfic doesn’t have many urban fantasy novels dealing with the fae, and this is a fantastic addition to that long-neglected subgenre.”

Virginia Hale‘s latest, Echo Point, takes home a great review from The Lesbian Review as well. “Echo Point is very easy to read,” says Tara. “The writing is smooth, the characters are compelling, and the pacing works very well. It also feels very Australian, rather than being a story that feels like it could be set anywhere.”

If you are a fan of audiobooks, Gerri Hill‘s Devil’s Rock scored a place on the 10 Best Audiobooks of 2017 list.



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