The reviews are in!

It’s a week until Christmas and our stockings are full of these fabulous reviews of Bella books!


E.J. NoyesTurbulence continues to knock it out of the park with stellar reviews. The latest from April at The Lesbian Review says, “I just wish this story did not have to end (sigh)…” and  “If you don’t mind taking cold showers for days on end after reading the story, well my friend, this story is for you!”

Katherine V. Forrest‘s classic, Curious Wine, is still getting great reviews, more than thirty years after it was first published. “I may have been late to the party with Curious Wine, but am I ever glad I showed up at all,” said Tara from The Lesbian Review. “I wholeheartedly loved it and I’ll be reading it again many, many times.”

Recently released onto eBook format, Claire McNab‘s Inner Circle (the 8th book int he Carol Ashton series), got the thumbs up from April at The Lesbian Review, and had this to say about the thriller. “This story will grip you from the first page and carry you through the opaque networks that Detective Inspector Carol Ashton has to navigate in order to solve the case. If you are indeed a fan of riveting mysteries and thrillers, then I heartily recommend this book to you!”

And last but not least, Sheila over at The Lesbian Review put together the “100 Best Lesbian Books to Start With” and there are many Bella books featured including By Mutual Consent (Tracey Richardson), Daughter of Mystery (Heather Rose Jones), Depths of Blue (Lise MacTague), Paradox Valley (Gerri Hill) and more. Check out the list, most of which you can get on


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