The long wait for “OITNB” S6 is nearly over

If you’ve been asking yourself, “when they heck is the new season of Orange is the New Black coming out?” then you aren’t alone. Even the cast seemed to be getting antsy.

Well, Netflix unveiled the season 6 premiere date and a cryptic teaser to go along with it. When the show returns on July 27th (pretty late for the series which debuted in early June last year), it seems our beloved Litchfield inmates are going to pay a heavy price for the protest that was the centerpiece of last season. The Orange crew are heading to max.


What does this mean for Taystee, Red, Sophia, the newly engaged Alex and Piper, and the rest of the women of Litchfield? Moving the show from Litch to max will certainly change the dynamic for everyone. Did the protest actually spark some change? We’ll have to wait until July 27th to find out.

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