The dog days of summer are here, and so are these Bella Books featuring puppers

There’s nothing like the companionship of a dog, and these books have protagonists whose furry friends play an important part in their stories. Bella is having a special Dog Days of Summer sale and these doggos are included. CELEBRATE THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER WITH A 20% OFF SALE. Use coupon code dogdays at checkout. 

Lex Files by Celeste Castro

Something is terrorizing a nature preserve near a small town in Idaho. Some residents this it’s a ghost, while others are convinced some sort of supernatural beast lies within. FBI Special Agent Winifred Ford is sent to the area to investigate, but she’ll need help from someone with experience with the situation: State Fish & Wildlife Officer Daya Soto and her canine partner, Lexy. While one woman looks for logic and the other is open to the possibility of something otherworldly, can they come together to solve the mystery?

Dingo’s Recovery by Genevieve Fortin

When Joyce Allen adopts her dog Dingo, it feels like fate. But when Dingo is injured and goes to see Dr. Amanda Carter for care, Joyce finds that fate might have more in store for her.

Sleeping Dogs Lie by E.J. Cochrane

Matilda “Maddie” Smithwick has a successful dog walking company and is loving life until the day she stumbles onto a murder scene when picking up a client’s dog. She finds herself thrust into an investigation, developing an attraction to one of the murder suspects, and caring for a depressed foster dog.

Broken Trailsby D Jordan Redhawk

The Iditarod is the scene for this thrilling romance. Scotch Fuller is preparing to run the famous race for the fourth time, something that helps her push away the crushing guilt she carries over the death of her girlfriend. Also trying to escape their past is photographer Lainey Hughes, who was injured while covering a war zone. Covering the race in Alaska was the last thing she wanted to do, but the paycheck was promising, and so is racer Scotch Fuller.

Identity by Nat Burns

After a disastrous breakup, Shay Raynor’s career as a prominent dog trainer in DC is all but ruined, so she heads to the small town of Maypearl, Alabama to lick her wounds. Also in town is Liza Hughes, who left her thriving business in Montgomery to care for her sick father. When the two women meet, their connection is undeniable, but when Shay’s ex arrives, it threatens to derail their romance.

October’s Promise by Marianne Garver

When Libby Jackson receives a surprise inheritance, she leaves NYC for New Hampshire, and meets a stray dog along the way who decides that Libby will be its perfect new human. Well, if only her car will stop leaving her stranded. Quinn Barnett is trying to do a little leaf peeping and heart healing when she runs into Libby, who is in need of a hand. Quinn’s in no mood for a damsel in distress, but life has other plans.

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