“The Bold Type” takes on disappearing spaces for LGBTQ women

The Bold Type lives up to its name often and in ways that are delightful and unexpected. The Freeform show features three best friends, all in their early 20s, navigating life, love and careers in NYC. The show recently returned for Season 3, and we find Kat (Aisha Dee) in the throws of heartache, having been dumped by girlfriend Adena a few weeks before. (The two have been on-again-off-again for a while and even attempted an open relationship so Kat could experience and explore her attraction to other women.) After her new boss at the website and magazine, Scarlett, tells her to get back on the personal social media track and attempts to make her the poster child for millennial queerness, Kat starts taking stock of what her queerness and community mean to her.


In episode 3.2, “Plus it Up” Kat finds out that one of the last remaining lesbian bars, Wild Susan, is being shut down. It’s one of Kat’s hangouts, so she and her besties Sutton and Jane, head there for one last brunch. Turns out, there’s a developer who wants to build condos in the spot and suddenly, 20 year old fines from the liquor authority have popped up against the bar to the tune of $40,000. Sutton, being her lovely Sutton-self, suggests that she will be happy to go to other lesbian bars with Kat,  but just as the real NYC, The Bold Type‘s NYC only have two remaining lesbian and queer women focused spots left…and now one is about to disappear.


Kat does what she always does when she finds herself in a tricky situation – she takes action. First she tries speaking with a councilman who gives her sympathetic eyes and words but says there’s nothing he can do. Kat isn’t about to give up however, and she comes up with an idea to throw a Queer Prom at Wild Susan’s to raise money. If anyone can do it, Kat can. She miraculously throws together an epic party on like, one day’s notice, and even Sasha Velour shows up!  Who else shows up to get some face time and seem like he cares about the situation? The Councilman. He flat out says he’s all for this gentrification and $20,000 isn’t going to cut it. That’s been his plan all along, to put the bar in an untenable situation and reap the benefits from the new development.

Kat’s pissed, and when Kat’s pissed, she loves to research. She finds out who is running against the Councilman in the upcoming election, and methinks we’re going to see Kat enter the world of politics this season.

To see a show like The Bold Type take on a very real world issue like disappearing spaces for LGBTQ women and enby folks, was quite impactful. I can’t recall another mainstream show address this issue that has been a big topic of discussion in queer circles. It helps certainly that showrunner Amanda Lasher has made sure to seek out queer writers for the show as well. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a show deal with topics that affect our community directly in a way that is not only competent but interesting as well,

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  • Susan Retzer
    Posted May 9, 2019 11:00 am 0Likes

    I loved this episode! I’ve seen this for years!! In Denver, where I came out in the 80’s, we had some kick ass places to hang out. Now – there is nothing for queer women really. It’s a sad state..

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