Tales from a GCLS first timer

The extraordinary Ann Roberts is the editor for my next release. I met her in person the first night I was in Las Vegas for the Golden Crown Literary Society 2018 conference. Right off the bat, she asked me, “Are you doing a reading?” I stared back at her. “No way, I’m too shy for that.” In fact, just the idea of it terrified me. Perhaps, Ann suggested, someone else could do the actual reading for me. I’d just need to be on hand to answer readers’ questions. “Maybe,” I said. “Someday.” In the very distant future, I thought.

After my conversation with Ann, I decided to attend a few of the Author Spotlights—sessions where authors read from their writing and answer questions from the audience—to see what they were all about. I was totally blown away.

I listened to Jessie Chandler, JB Marsden, Linda Vogt, Vanda, Karin Kallmaker and Catherine Maiorisi, among others. All of the women were so incredibly passionate about their stories and I loved hearing about their creative process. It didn’t matter if they’d published one book or twenty, they were proud and put themselves out there. I wanted to get up and hug them all.


While I was at the conference, I also attended a master class and a handful of panels. They were all absolutely amazing and I learned so much, but the Author’s Spotlights really impacted me on a personal level. The women I heard made me feel more confident about and proud of my own writing.
Can’t wait for Pittsburg next year. TBD if I’ll have the guts to do a reading.

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