“Swerve” is back for a final season, and better than ever

Few things leave me breathless, but there’s something about Swerve webseries that has always taken me by surprise. Written and directed by Jason Armstrong, the darkly tense series follows Elise (Sharon Belle in a can’t-miss performance), a young queer woman with Borderline Personality Disorder. Over three seasons we’ve seen Elise grow and change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. She’s fallen in love, felt the ache of extreme loss, and the bitter taste of retribution. When we pick up in the final season, Elise is once again alone, having left her home, friends and girlfriend, for an anonymous life on the road.

Familiar faces appear in this season, including Conni Miu as Paris and Winny Clarke as Cassidy, who have grown close in Elise’s absence. Both actors are wonderful in these roles and I can’t wait to see how this final curtain call plays out for them. Joining the cast is Jessica Grossi, who plays Ziggy, a young woman that hitches a ride with Elise after meeting in a hotel parking lot. It’s not until Episode 2 that we learn more about who Ziggy really is, and whoa, it’s a doozy.

Jessica Grossi as Ziggy

Armstrong has always had something special on his hands with Swerve, a show that has always pushed boundaries in very important ways, but has struggled to find the audience it deserves. I often wished Swerve had a much more dedicated PR campaign, getting this story into more hands. Sharon Belle, who anchors the series, does incredible work here. Belle is always growing and learning as an actor, and Swerve is an excellent example of why she should be on your radar.

Swerve‘s final season will take us back to Elise and Cassidy’s past, as well as what lies ahead for Elise. The first two episodes are available now, and I highly recommend them.

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