“Steven Universe” takes a huge step for LGBTQ representation with a big proposal

The Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe has been very inclusive since the get-go. Creator Rebecca Sugar is openly bisexual, and there have been numerous examples of the show taking on LGBTQ issues and relationships including Pearl’s undying love for Steven’s mother, Rose, and of course, the plucky couple who make up Garnet, Ruby and Sapphire.

This week’s Steven Universe focused on Ruby and Sapphire, who first fused 5000 years ago and have been in love for millenniums. Because they first fused under duress, Ruby decides she finally needs some “me” time to figure herself out, without Sapphire. Ruby wants to know who she is on her own, and that involves becoming a baby gay cowboy. (Can you call someone who is over 5000 years old a baby gay?) Life on the range is fine and all, but Ruby is deeply lonely without Sapphire. Steven helps her realize that even tough-girls need love. What happens next is a massively big deal in the cartoon world.


Ruby returns to Sapphire and pledges her love with a proposal. “This way we can be together, even when we’re apart,” Ruby suggests to a surprised Sapphire, which is one of the most beautiful ways I’ve ever heard marriage described in pop culture. Sapphire says yes, and Ruby takes her into her arms. “I’ve been waiting to kiss your cute face,” Sapphire says as she does just that.

Ruby and Sapphire originally became Garnet accidentally and out of necessity after that. Now, the couple can make their own decision about fusing, and will only be stronger because of it. Steven Universe is stronger now, too. The show has never shied away from topics of same-sex love, gender identity, and autonomy, but this is a big deal. Congrats to Ruby and Sapphire! (Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, hopefully you’re next.)


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