Spring has sprung (so we’re having a sale!)

Ok, so technically spring doesn’t start until March 20th, but we’re getting a head start with Daylight Savings this weekend and a big sale to gear up for the season. From now until Sunday, you can get 18% off orders of $25 or more! Just use the coupon code, springforward for the savings.


Overwhelmed with options? How about sticking with the theme? Here are a few novels set in spring, or where spring plays an important role.


The Right Thing Easy by Laina Villeneuve

Dani Blazer is packing up her life as a rodeo barrel racer for a job teaching in her hometown. There she encounters a young mustang who need some gentle and patient guidance, and a connection with Hope Fielding, who has put her family and church before her own needs for her whole life. Together, they discover something special.

Spring Tide by Robbi McCoy

Ex-cop Stef Byers is looking to escape her past by traveling the Sacramento River Delta and being alone. What she wasn’t expecting was meeting veterinarian Jackie Townsend along the waters.


Simple Pleasures by Kenna White

While spring brings flowers and rebirth, in some parts of the US, it also bring dangerous weather. A tornado takes everything from Joplin, MO resident Dale Kinsel, who was already grieving the loss of her longtime partner, Sydney. When Sydney’s sister Taren arrives in town, it brings up old memories for Dale, and the bad blood she and Taren once shared. But life finds a way of surprising us, doesn’t it?



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