“Slo Pitch” is the LGBTQ softball comedy webseries you’ve been waiting for

Softball and lesbians – a classic combination. They go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Like Emily and Amy. Like gals and pals. You get where I’m going with this. Slo Pitch is a new series brought to you by some of the same folks behind Barbelle (Karen Knox and Gwenlyn Cumyn) plus Erin Carter and Michael Schram, and was created and directed by J. Stevens.

The series follows a hopelessly bad softball team, The Brovaries, with an intense team captain who keeps putting her wedding to her long-suffering girlfriend on hold until her team can score a victory. The team consists of a rag-tag group of LGBTQ folks (and a straight girl!) who are mostly in it for the after-practice beers. Thankfully, there’s some new blood on the team that could help them reach their goal in defeating the Toronto Blue Gays, their rival team (which includes Coupleish and Carmilla actor Kaitlyn Alexander). That is if they can keep the drama to a minimum. (Good luck with that!)



Subscribe to Slo Pitch’s Youtube channel to stay in the loop on when episode one drops, which is hopefully soon.

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