Six queertastic new shows to watch this fall

Ah fall, it’s not just crunchy leaves and flannel shirts. It’s also when the best of the best TV launches, including a slate of new shows. Here are the shows you will want to keep on your radar this season.

A Little Late with Lilly Singh (on NBC now)

Ok to maybe 1:35am is a little past your bedtime, but you may want to make an exception for Youtuber Lily Singh’s new talk show. There aren’t many women in late night, let alone queer women of color, and Lily (who came out as bisexual last year) is doing a great job in the format. Plus she has terrific guests like Tegan and Sara, Barbie Ferreira, Mindy Kaling and more.

The Politician (on Netflix now)

If you loved Glee, you’ll probably love The Politician, Ryan Murphy’s newest foray into the dark souls of teenage America. Well, Murphy’s teens are much more scheming than actual teenagers, but what else would you expect? The story centers around Payton Hobart (Ben Platt, still playing a teenager) who is determined to be student body president of his high school, so he can go to Harvard, then become President one day. Payton’s queer, so is his closeted running mate, and so is pretty much everyone else in the show. There are lesbian, gay, bi, queer, trans and gender nonconforming characters galore.

Stumptown (on ABC now)

This Portland-based crime drama is based on a graphic novel by the same name. It stars Cobie Smulders as Dex Parios, a broody bisexual Private Investigator, which is one of my favorite genres!

Batwoman (on The CW October 6th)

There’s been tons of buzz about Batwoman, both good and bad, and this Ruby Rose led superhero show is nearly here. We recently learned that Rose was badly injured performing a stunt on set and had to undergo neck surgery, so here’s wishing her quick healing! Rose is playing Kate Kane, Batman’s cousin and Gotham’s newest hero. Did I mention Kate Kane is a lesbian? Oh, she is. A lesbian with a cape. Yes!

The L Word: Generation Q (on Showtime December 8th)

Bette. Alice. Shane. The babes are back in town, along with a slew of other new queer and trans characters in the sequel to the beloved L Word. It’s ten years later and Bette’s running for mayor and has a new lady in her life, Alice is a talk show host, Shane is, well, Shane. New cast members like Rosanny Zayas and Easy breakout star Jacqueline Toboni are bringing new life to this series, plus a queer and trans writing room promises to bring new zest and authenticity.

The Read (on Fuse October 11th)

The Read is a popular podcast created by queer hosts Kid Fury and Crissle West. The talented duo are now bringing The Read to television with their hour long talk show on the Fuse Network. The show will include special guests and super fun segments from the podcast.

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