Six must-see lesbian, bi and queer films hitting the festival circuit

Summer is film festival season, and there are lots of terrific films coming our way from coast to coast. From big fests like Frameline in San Francisco to smaller local festivals, you’ll want to catch these films when you can! Follow these films on social media for their next screening.


Good Kisser

This film by Wendy Jo Carlton (Easy Abby) recently made its premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival. Couple Jenna (Kari Alison Hodge) and Kate (Rachel Paulson) agree to have a threesome with the worldly and mysterious Mia (Julia Eringer). Soon enough, cracks in Jenna and Kate’s relationship begin to show, as does Kate’s real motive for wanting the threesome.


You Don’t Nomi 

Director Jeffrey McHale takes a deep dive into the beloved cult film, Showgirls, and what it’s meant to the gay community over the years. Once loathed by critics, the film has now taken on a life of itself, even inspiring a musical and one woman show called. I, Nomi, starring April Kidwell. The film interviews the film’s stars like Gina Gershon and Elizabeth Berkley, as well as fans, writers and more. Catch this film at Frameline and other festivals to be announced soon. 



Second Star on the Right 

This feature from Columbian director Ruth Caudeli features a 35-year old bisexual actress named Emilia, who can’t seem to get her life together. How bad is it for Emilia? Well, she uses Britney Spears references as her life’s mantra, drinks way too much, can’t keep a job, and can’t seem to commit to her girlfriend. Oops, she did it again. The film follows Emilia as she tries to navigate the mess she’s made and find herself in the process. Catch this film at Frameline, Mostra Internacional de Cinema Gai i Lesbià de Barcelona and other festivals to be announced soon. 



Source: Queering the Script

Queering the Script

For anyone who is a part of a queer fandom, this documentary by Gabrielle Zilkha is for you. I may be a little biased because I’m in the film, but it’s also an incredible look at queer fandom, from Xena to Buffy to ClexaCon, and the importance of representation. The doc contains interviews with actors like Lucy Lawless, Angelica Ross, and L Word creator Ilene Chaiken. Catch this film at Frameline and other festivals to be announced soon. 



Supergirl‘s Nicole Maines stars in this queer feminist vampire film about a young woman who moves to Los Angeles and falls in with a blood sucking crew. Romance, murder, and mayhem ensue. Grab the popcorn! Bit recently premiered at Toronto’s InsideOut Festival and is heading to Frameline next.




This film out of India has been getting really nice buzz and has already shown at a few film fests so far. Anandhi keeps rejecting all attempts by her uncle to find her a suitable husband, much to his chagrin. When Kavita, a photography instructor arrives in Anandhi’s small village, Anandhi is instantly drawn to her. As they grow closer, the two women must also face a society that is far from ready to embrace their love. Catch this film at Frameline and other festivals to be announced soon. 

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