Serial Box’s “Orphan Black: The Next Chapter” is a fitting continuation for our beloved clones

*This article contains some spoilers for Orphan Black: the Next Chapter

When BBC America’s Orphan Black bowed out after five seasons in 2017, something felt…unfinished. Granted, leading actor Tatiana Maslany had been working her tail off for five years, playing no less than a dozen different characters over the show’s fifty episodes. Yet, fans were left bereft that their favorite clone characters (all played by one woman) were bidding us a fond farewell.

Cut to September 2019, where we are cloneless but obsessed with podcasts and serialized storytelling. Serial Box, a new platform for audio storytelling, made one of the smartest moves a platform could make: they brought Maslany and her characters back to continue the Orphan Black story. Is The Next Chapter a podcast? An audiobook? Well, sort of both. On Serial Box, you can listen to Maslany narrate the story, or read the chapter for yourself. For $9.99 you will get access to the full season. The first episode is available for free, and boy, does it hit all the right buttons.

Spoilers after the jump.

The Next Chapter picks up eight years after the events in the final episode of Orphan Black. We are first introduced to a new character, Vivi Valdez, a detective on a surveillance of the Genetic Research Institute of Toronto. Vivi sees a mysterious woman enter the building and (thanks to a bug) have a conversation with Dr. Nathaniel Sturgis, Head of Research. It doesn’t take us long to find out that the woman is question is no other than Cosima Neihaus. Well, Doctor Cosima Neihaus now. Yes, Clone Club, Cosima is alive and well! Cosima has actually been laying fairly low, working on research, when she gets a call to check out GRIT and meet with Dr. Sturgis about a top secret research project that feels an awful lot like DIAD. Cosima smells a rat and bails, but before she does, she runs into Vivi, who is shocked and overwhelmed to realize that Cosima looks exactly like her. Dun dun dun, more clones!

The second half of the episode is from Cosima’s point of view, and that’s where the fun really begins. Kira, Sara’s daughter, is now a teenager and butting heads with her mom every step of the way. Sara calls Cosima to ask if Kira can stay with her for a few days. Well, not exactly ask. She tells her. Cosima returns home to her fixer-upper Victorian, where she lives with…HER WIFE, DELPHINE! Turns out, Cosima and Delphine have traveled the world together vaccinating clones, remodeling their house and being freaking adorable. That’s all I’ll tell you, you’ll have to listen to the first episode yourself for the rest.

If you loved Orphan Black, then The Next Chapter with get you right in the feels. It’s a fitting continuation of a story that has many more layers to explore, and for fans of the show, or folks who simply love a good drama, the $9.99 for the full season might just be a terrific investment.

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