September’s new releases are the best of both worlds

It’s that time again, and we have new romances from Sheryl Wright and Jaime Clevenger, plus a new Ari Adam’s mystery from Ann Roberts. September never looked so good.


Queen of Hearts by Sheryl Wright

This new romance asks the question, “Can love found on television become true love?” When reality show, Queen of Hearts, loses a contestant, the producers scramble to find a replacement. They convince helicopter pilot Ally Parker to join her cousin Pam in the show, promising that she’ll be eliminated in the first round. Erin Bogner isn’t looking for romance either, as she’s on the show as a plant to suss out which contestants are only looking for money. When Ally and Erin meet however, they find the game they are are playing is becoming more and more real.

Three Reasons to Say Yes by Jaime Clevenger

Julia Maguire is excited to spend a couple weeks of fun in the sun with her dearest friends. Reed Baxter is a busy doctor with work and family demands who is just looking for a little relaxation and de-stressing time. Alone. When Julia and Reed meet, their attraction is undeniable. What’s the harm in a little vacation steaminess, as long as there aren’t expectations for a real world romance?

Justice Calls by Ann Roberts

Detective Ari Adams is back in book seven of this beloved mystery series. Ari has been haunted by the death of her brother for twenty-five years, but now new evidence has come to light that blows the case wide open. Can Ari solve this murder, and put to rest the incredible guilt and loss both she and her father, Detective Jack Adams, have been holding onto for decades?


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