September’s new releases are fresh and fabulous

New releases are here AND a week early! Get ready for a new Gerri Hill romance and a thrilling fantasy romance by MB Panichi. Also, a reissue of a beloved Naiad Press mystery.

After the Summer Rain by Gerri Hill

Workaholic Erin Ryder is on a one woman collision course with disaster until a family intervention, where afterwards she finds herself on the remote Eagle Bluff ranch in New Mexico to detox for three months. Melanie West, who runs the ranch, is used to the peaceful life, and when the younger Erin comes to stay and regroup, the anger and resentment that Erin carried with her begins to fall away and the two women bond and heal together. As time passes and her three months come to end, Erin realizes leaving the ranch to go back to her life, means leaving something very special behind.

Blood and Roses by MB Panichi

In the year 2543, lead guitarist Ari Walker and her thrasher band Shattered Crystal Enigma are on an interstellar tour. Wherever they go however, a dangerous stalker calling themselves Celestian follows, determined to capture Ari’s attention, or else. Ari’s always been a love-em and leave-em type, but that’s until new drummer Rhynn Knight joins the band and the two women connect in ways Ari never expected. As their relationship grows and becomes public, Celestian’s wrath becomes more and more dangerous.

Every Time We Say Goodbye by Jay Maiman

This Robin Miller Mystery Book is now available in ebook format! NYC Private Eye Robin Miller has a lot on her shoulders. From a cold case that haunts her, to her girlfriend K.T. Bellflower’s family showing up unexpectedly, to an ex-lover who pops up, and most dire, K.T.’s niece who went missing in Times Square. That’s a lot for any one person to handle!

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