September new releases at Bella Books are scintillating romances

New releases for September are in at Bella Books and we can’t wait to share them with you! These new titles are scintillating romances you won’t want to miss. From political rivals to unlikely neighbors to childhood friends, these books are full of reluctant couples, memorable settings, and people learning to love again—the perfect combination to keep you up late reading.

And don’t forget to pick up our titles that were new in August while you’re at it!

[Un]Common Ground by Pol Robinson and Erica Abbott

Sara returns home to Seattle after completing her service with the Peace Corps. Her whole life has been spent moving from rural community to rural community helping people develop sustainable sources of food—and now she’s ready to face the food desserts in the U.S. She plants her roots and starts to feel at home, just in time to meet a woman who changes her life forever. City planner Margaret is one tough cookie and her ambition for her city, its citizens, and her own career is unstoppable—until she meets a determined woman named Sara. These two are bound to be enemies, unless they can find some kind of common ground.

Don’t miss new release [Un]Common Ground co-author Pol Robinson’s touching tribute to her late co-author Erica Abbott.

Let the Beat Drop by Cheri Ritz

Sadie loves rocking out on stage. Behind her drum set, she’s living the music dream. That is, until her band breaks up and she gets evicted from her NYC apartment. As her dream turns nightmare, Sadie retreats home to Chicago to live with her mom, but the burbs are nothing like the big city life she’s grown accustomed to. Jess is all about keeping things casual romantically. It leaves her the space and focus to give graduate school her all. When summer break finds her back home and a sexy rock star swimming in her pool, Jess is ready to butt heads, but is she ready to let the beat drop and find a new rhythm?

Make sure to check out this great essay about being a lesbian romance author with a new release and mom during the pandemic from Let the Beat Drop author Cheri Ritz.

Confessions of a Dreamer by Kenna White

Stacy lives in a small town in Kansas and hoo boy, does she know how to multitask: biology teacher, tennis coach, farmer, housepainter. Stacy knows how to do a little of everything, except fall in love. When Ros is drawn away from her battle for her promotion at the university by a family emergency, she ends up back in a town she’d rather never return to. Stacy and Ros’s paths cross and after 25 years, the two are left wondering if this time it might be for real.

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