Ruby Rose’s Batwoman makes her first appearance

This week kicked off the famous Arrow-verse “Elseworlds” crossover episodes on the CW. While Barry (The Flash) and Oliver (Arrow) swapped bodies thanks to an intergalactic book that can change reality and connect universes, Supergirl was there to lend a hand and try to get to the bottom of things. Along the way, the trio found themselves in Gotham, a town with more issues than In Touch, that has found itself even more rife with crime and mayhem thanks to the disappearance of Batman three years prior. When they get themselves tossed in jail, they are bailed out by a mysterious benefactor. Who might that be?

Kate Kane.

Ruby Rose has taken up the mantle of Kate Kane, and we finally got to see the infamous Batwoman in and out of uniform. For the first time, viewers caught a glimpse of Kate, with Ruby’s short brown hair and tattoos written into the part, a change from the Kate in the comic book. Not surprisingly, Kate gets her flirt on with Supergirl, who seems to be nervous and flattered at the same time.


So, how did Ruby Rose do as Kate Kane? Well, online reaction was mixed but Rose can certainly work that suit and Batwoman’s combat moves. She looks right at home in costume and if she can match that energy outside of the suit, then we might just be seeing more of Kate Kane/Batwoman in the future.



“Elseworlds” concludes tonight on Supergirl.

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