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We’re back with more fantastic reviews of books released by Bella Books! We’ve pulled together these great reviews of our recent releases in one easy place so you can read what others have to say about Bella Books’ authors and their titles!

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EJ Noyes’ Reaping the Benefits has received some lovely reviews. “This very unique story-line turned into a beautiful story that had me experiencing a multitude of emotions, from humor to heartbreak and everything in between. The paranormal aspect works beautifully in the novel. Ms. Noyes made the supernatural aspect of the story seem like a normal part of life in this book,” according to a review from Rainbow Reflections. Jude in the Stars gave the book five stars, writing: “It is smart, balanced, at times delightful, well-paced. As always with E. J. Noyes, it is also extremely well-written, not ostentatiously so, it just is.”

And Then There Was Her by Tagan Shepard was named one of The Lesbian Review’s Maria’s favorite books. Reviewer Maria Comet writes, “This book plucked the strings of my romantic side on multiple occasions. So much so that the requisite “first time between the leads” sex scene made me give an audible, happy sigh. It felt like a capturing of perfection.” The review of this Bella Books title continues, “There are many moments in the book when emotion is captured vividly and you cannot help but feel touched.”

Carolyn Elizabeth’s Dirt Nap received high praise from Tanya on Goodreads: “Such a well written story with believable and endearing characters with witty dialogue. These will go in my best reads. I will look forward to more stories of Thayer and Corey as well as new stories/books from the author.”

Out of Flames by Stacy Lynn Miller continues to receive strong praise. On Goodreads, Laure writes, “It’s very entertaining [and] very emotional.” The review continues, “My eyes watered more than once because the story’s a real emotional roller coaster with many heartbreaking scenes.” Jody O wrote of this Bella Books title on Amazon: “Wow! Didn’t want to put it down! Author Stacy Miller has set the bar high, with this debut thriller. Manhattan Sloane is a character you can’t help but fall in love with! This book has it all. I found myself drawn to the main characters… I’m already looking for the continuation in a series. This is a well, woven tale of love, loss, tragedy, intrigue, perseverance and hope. This book is a mystery, thriller, romance and police procedural, all rolled into one. This one is a must read!!!”

Additionally, Out of Flames has performed very well. In late May and early June, it was the #1 New Release in LGBT Thrillers on Amazon. On June 3rd, it reached the #1 Best Seller in LGBT Thrillers, also on Amazon. It has trended in the top 100 Best Selling Lesbian Fiction books in the Kindle Store, peaking at #43.

Thanks for joining us for this month’s Bella Books reviews. We’ll be back with more next month!

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