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Bella Books is delighted to be back with another round of fantastic reviews of our recent releases. Reviewers are loving our books about delightful minions, a Scottish time-traveling scientist, a comic artist, and women loving women of every stripe! But, don’t take our word for it, check out what the reviewers have to say below!

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Amy Hoff’s My Heart’s in the Highlandsreceived five stars and some very nice comments from Rainbow Reflections. “I totally immersed myself in this tale. I loved the characters and the settings. Everything felt so real. Even the time travel from one time to another fit right into the story. It is in my favorites list, and I will be looking for much more from this author,” the reviewer writes.

Reaping the Benefitsby E.J. Noyes continues to receive lovely reviews. “The pace was perfect and I couldn’t believe I had read through the night to then realize I had finished it. I was so immersed in the story. I loved Jane and Morgan equally and for very different reasons…it’s one hell of a ride,” wrote Rach from Les Reveur. The Lesbian Review’s Tara Scott wrote “If you’re looking for a lesbian romance, but with a twist of something different, I recommend Reaping the Benefits. It’s sweet, sexy, and fun.” Her colleague Anna Gram wrote, “I loved reading this story. It had humor, drama, romance, and a wonderful, natural progression of Morgan and Jane’s relationship. If you love all these things, with a little supernatural thrown in, you’re going to really enjoy this book.”

Rainbow Reflections gave Catherine Maiorisi’s Taking a Chance on Lovefour stars, noting “The story itself is excellent and the romance is passionate and exciting.” The reviewer continued, “If you like a feel-good romance with a good bit of angst running through the story, you will like this book.” Over on Amazon, Elizabeth M. Cantwell gave the Taking a Chance on Love five stars and wrote, “I enjoyed this story. I’m a fan of anything involving first responders, feminine leadership and veterans and this book had all of those wrapped in a complex romance. Read this book. I’ve downloaded more from this author and surely I won’t be disappointed.”

Hero(ine) Addict by Blythe H. Warren has received some nice praise. Rainbow Reflections gave it four stars, writing “The writing in this story is excellent.” The reviewer continued, “I am glad that I read this book. It is a beautiful story, and I enjoyed reading it. I will also be looking for more from this author.” Over at Phoebe’s Randoms, Hero(ine) Addict received five stars. Mx. Phoebe noted, “Warren writes about some heavy topics in this slow-burn romance story, but like all comic story heroes, they always come from a dark past – or in this case present. There is plenty of humor mixed in here too. Warren keeps the reader balanced on that fine edge of just about to cry and then pulls you back with some humor. Harper provides plenty of humorous moments too.”

Tracey Richardson’s By Mutual Consentand the audiobook narrated by Lori Prince received a very nice review from Tara Scott at The Lesbian Review. “Lori Prince does a bang-up job of the narration. She differentiates the characters well and brings that certain something I always love when I listen to her reading a book,” Tara wrote. Of the book itself, Tara said, “By Mutual Consent has everything I want in a romance novel: lots of feelings, hot sex, a story that makes the pages turn quickly.”

Out of the Flames by Stacy Lynn Miller continues to receive high praise on Amazon. Lady T gave it five stars and wrote, “This was a very intense, riveting novel. Is couldn’t put it down, while simultaneously fearing turning the page…Manhattan Sloane and Finn Harper now rank among my favorite protagonists.” Also giving it five stars, a reviewer named Miriam wrote, “Though I am familiar with the story … I still got hooked and couldn’t put it down.” Angeltwin2976 wrote “A [page-turner] for sure. You will need tissues at points and be mad as hell at others. The story really flows and will keep you reading to find out what happens next. Can’t wait for the next book,” and gave the book five stars. An unnamed reviewer gave another five stars, writing, “What can I say? I loved this book … Good plot that holds your interest and makes you dread having to put it down.” And, another unnamed reviewer gave the book five stars, writing “The book has you hooked with the first chapter. If you do not want to cry then do not read. It is very moving. I hope there is a sequel.”

Good news! A sequel to Out of the Flames called From the Ashes will be arriving in December.

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