Reunited and it feels so good: Lesfic stories about reconnection

If you are like me, then you probably shed a few happy tears over the recent Renault car commercial featuring the two women who met as kids, fell in love as teens, and finally reconnected as adults. If that story resonated with you, and you’d like to delve into something similar – reunited loves-then these are the books for you! Also, they are on sale for a limited time.

Unbroken Circle by Mary Griggs

Sallie Lee Hybart isn’t used to seeing strangers at her diner in a tiny Southern town. However, when the down-on-her-luck Janet Bouton arrives at her establishment, Sallie Lee realizes there’s something familiar about the women. Janet isn’t a stranger to Pennington, and her past still haunts her. Despite all that, Sallie is drawn to Janet. Can they push past bad memories and simmering resentments to make something together?

Water’s Edge by Genevieve Fortin

Emilie Levesque and Angeline Fournier forge a bond as teens in the late 1880’s while working together in a textile mill. That bond is what keeps them strong under the back breaking conditions of the mill, and the oppressive expectations of women during that time. The women are separated by societal and family pressures, but fate will bring them together once again.

Hurricane Days by Renee J Lucas

Governor Robin Sanders is a rising Republican star, who also happens to be a closeted lesbian. One of the few who know this is Adrienne Austen, Robin’s former college roommate and ex-girlfriend, who is now a successful (and out) musician. When their paths cross again after many years, the two exes are forced to deal with their differing ideologies and long-buried affections.

Bird on a Wire by Tegan Shepard

Robin Wren “Birdie” Scott is finally hitting the big time. The trouble is, her personal life is on the rocks, and she has deep feelings of hurt and anger towards her mother. When her mother unexpectedly passes, she leaves her sold out tour to head back to her small, mountain hometown. There she runs into her childhood best friend and first love, Sara. This trip turns out to be life changing for Birdie in more ways than one.

Moonstone by Jaime Clevenger

Family obligations pull Joy Henderson out of San Francisco and back to her small home town. Kelsey, who had her Olympic dreams crushed, is also back in the small town to try and piece her life back together. Joy was Kelsey’s high school crush, and when she learns that the two of them will once again be in the same place at the same time, she wonders if this might mean a second chance.

Farmer’s Daughter by Robbi McCoy

Shirley “Mutt” Hopper escapes her abusive father and sets out to find a new life on the road. Along the way she spends a beautiful night with Annie Callahan, the daughter of a farmer who dreams of being an actress in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Years later their paths cross once again, and Mutt is happy to see Annie living her dream. For Annie, however, there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in her seemingly perfect life, and seeing Mutt again rekindles long buried feelings of love and desire.

Etched in Shadows by KG MacGregor

After a plane crash steals much of Johnelle Morrissey’s memories about her life with her husband, son and her closest friend Alice, Alice teams up with the family to try and help Johnelle remember her past. After endless hours of recalling their lives together, Alice leaves out one crucial thing – that she’s been in love with Johnelle since they were teens. As Johnelle recovers and tries to fit back into her old life, she finds herself increasingly drawn to Alice.

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