Retro romances to make you swoon

Today is National Retro Day, where we celebrate all things nostalgic, and everything old is new again. Here are five retro romances to hit all the right nostalgia notes. Right now, these ebook titles are only $7.99!


At Seventeen by Gerri Hill

Madison Lansford and Shannon Fletcher were childhood friends, and their connection only deepened as they grew into teens and adult women. Driven apart by societal expectations, the women reunite years later. Follow Madison and Shannon through the years in At Seventeen.


The Farmer’s Daughter by Robbi McCoy

Shirley “Mutt” Hopper escapes her abusive father and sets out to find a new life on the road. Along the way she meets and spends a beautiful night with Annie Callahan, the daughter of a farmer who dreams of being an actress in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Years later their paths cross once again.


For Me and My Gal by Robbi McCoy

The present and past collide in this tale by Robbi McCoy. Architecture grad and waitress Shelby Pratt is having a rotten day, no thanks to Navel Museum Director Gwen Lawford. When the two put aside their differences, they realize they are both obsessed with unlocking the secrets of a mysterious love affair that occurred between two women during WWII.

In the Company of Women by Kate Christie

Caroline “CJ” Jamieson finds herself at Fort Bliss after joining the WWII effort, and while it’s not what she thought it would be when she signed up, the arrival of Brady Buchanan might just change everything.


Unforgettable by Karin Kallmaker

A high school reunion stirs up all sorts of memories and feelings for Rhett Jamison, a jazz singer, former head cheerleader Cinny Keilor, and Dr. Angelica Martinetta. Will flashes of their past and a look toward the future help them find what they are all looking for?

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