Reluctant lovers make April new releases steamy fun

Bella Books’ April new releases are steamy, romantic books filled with reluctant lovers finding one another. If lockdown has got you down, these are just the books to warm your heart! We’ve got your reluctant lovers covered—from a lawyer and a night singer who are decidedly not looking for love to a detective and a DEA agent with a past to two competitive swimmers reconnecting after one breaks the other’s heart, you don’t want to miss these fantastic novels. And don’t forget to check out March’s new releases!

We’re also celebrating Bella Books’ debut authors this month, so make sure to check out our special 25% off sale!

Pursuing Pandora by Maggie Brown

When corporate lawyer Winter Carlyle helps check up on her young cousin who has become infatuated with a nightclub singer, she’s not prepared to become fascinated with the sultry Pandora herself. But even though she’s jaded after a messy breakup, it’s hard to deny what Pandora makes her feel. Pandora is used to people being attracted to her and she’s over the constant attention. For her the sexy singer is all showbiz—and Pandora herself has an ulterior motive for being at the club. In this delightful romantic thriller, love is a complication neither Winter nor Pandora are expecting.

Out of Flames by Stacy Lynn Miller

Detective Manhattan Sloane doesn’t do emotional intimacy, especially not with lovers. She’s all about her job at the San Francisco police department. When her first crush, Agent Finn Harper, shows up to investigate a new street drug, Sloane can’t help herself but acknowledge that things are getting personal—not just with Harper, but with the drug in question. As Sloane and Harper team up to take down a cartel, old feelings lead to new feelings and our intrepid hero has no choice but to face the past so she can build a future for herself.

You won’t want to miss this first novel in the Manhattan Sloane series by debut author Stacy Lynn Miller!

Running Deep by Bette Hawkins

Elite swimming is a world built on competition, comradery, and connection. And when young swimmers Angie and Hannah develop a fast friendship while training for the Olympics, they find themselves exchanging loving letters and lengthy phone calls. It all ends suddenly when Hannah stops talking to Angie.

When they reconnect years later, as Angie tries to make a swimming comeback and Hannah coaches the Australian team, their chemistry and attraction is undeniable. Can they overcome the hurts of the past to win each other’s heart? In this passionate romance, teenage heartache lays the foundation for adult connection.

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