10 Reasons why ClexaCon should be on your must-attend list

Full disclosure before we go any further – I heart ClexaCon. I’ve been attending since the first year (2017) and I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being a part of and moderating panels and hosting events. I also host the podcast, unCONventional. But, even without my personal love for ClexaCon and how it brings people together, it’s just a cool as heck queer owned and run event. Here’s a little info about ClexaCon for folks who aren’t familiar with it.

ClexaCon started in 2017 and was very much inspired by the pop culture events of 2016. In 2016, The 100 television show killed off a lesbian character (Commander Lexa) in a violent manner, right after she’d finally consummated her relationship with the show’s lead character, Clarke Griffin. It was the tropiest of tropes, and outrage ensued from LGBTQ fans who were tired of having to bury their beloved gay characters. ClexaCon even gets its name from the pairing of Clarke and Lexa. The following year, ClexaCon took root and has been dedicated to showcasing television, film, webseries, animation, comics, books and more that feature lesbian, bi and queer women. In fact, it’s “the largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women & allies.” It’s also incredibly fun.

So, still on the fence? Here are 10 reasons why you should check out ClexaCon.

It’s owned and run by queer women. Many cons welcome LGBTQ folks, but they are often relegated to special panels and events. ClexaCon is all-queer, all the time. It was founded, owned and run by queer women.

Source: ClexaCon featuring Wynonna Earp‘s Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Kat Barrell

You’ll get to see your favorite actors gush about their shows and fans. Talk about a lovefest. At ClexaCon, you’ll get to see and even meet actors from shows like Wynonna Earp, Black Lightning, Runaways, Vida, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and many more. So much amazing art. There is an Artist Alley at ClexaCon that is to-die-for. You’ll want to bring an extra suitcase just to load up on fan art, merch, and collectibles.

Bella’s very own Jessica Hill will be there representing Beacon Hill webseries. Yes indeed! Beacon Hill Season Two is in the works and one of its creators, Bella’s Jessica Hill, will be in attendance and at a booth promoting the show.

You’ll make loads of new friends. At ClexaCon, community is encouraged. Don’t be surprised if you meet your new best friends in line for a panel or getting a latte at Starbucks. There’s also a Speed Friending event (co-hosted by yours truly) that will help break the ice with lots of new folks.

Source: ClexaCon

So much amazing art. There is an Artist Alley at ClexaCon that is to-die-for. You’ll want to bring an extra suitcase just to load up on fan art, merch, and collectibles.

Films, films and more films! If you are a cinephile, then you’ll love the film festival where you can check out dozens of LGBTQ-made shorts, webseries and feature-length films.

They’re encouraging a new generation of creators. At ClexaCon there is a huge emphasis on networking and creating. There are workshops, panels and even a special day dedicated to crafting, marketing and selling queer content.

You’ll be surrounded by more than 4000 queer women and allies. Can you believe?! With so many spaces for queer folks disappearing, having one that continues to grow and expand is a big deal. It’s also heartwarming to be surrounded by a loving community.

Vegas, baby. Not sure about Vegas? Throw your preconceptions about Sin City out the door. Vegas is a total blast, and there’s something for everyone from endless dining options (including vegan and dietary restrictions) to exciting sites to see. And the best part, is you get to do it with an army of friends.

Source: ClexaCon The Ascension Party

Every day is a party. Besides the panels at ClexaCon, there are super fun events like the Ascension party where you can dance until the wee hours and even had a celeb join in the fun, or laugh your butt off at Ships and Giggles, the comedy show.

Want to learn more about ClexaCon, who’s attending, how to get tickets, etc? Check out their website, clexacon.com.

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