Queer Stream: Grey’s Anatomy and queer heroes

Since we’re all inside and in need of content to watch, we’ve launched Queer Stream, a series of short essays highlighting great queer TV and film you can stream right now. Today we’re talking about the Shonda Rhimes medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently in its 16th season. And, since today is the last day of BellaBooks.com’s I Need a Hero sale—some eBooks are as little as $3.99!—we wanted this Queer Stream to highlight a series featuring queer front line heroes!

When push comes to shove, Grey’s Anatomy is a medical soap opera filled with sexy medical professionals having messy, delightful personal lives in high stakes settings. What’s not to love? Now some people turn their noses up as such a categorization, but it’s important because the soap opera label signifies to viewers: “Hey, you’re gonna want to buckle up for a wild ride.” And, trust me, when it comes to Grey’s, you do, especially when it comes to the queer storylines.

The queer characters in Grey’s are sexy, powerful, and dramatique, but again, that’s why you’re tuning in. Chief among them is Callie Torres, the deeply loved bisexual character played by Sara Ramirez. Callie is the longest running LGBTQ+ character in TV history, having appeared in 11 seasons and 239 episodes.

Let’s be real: Not all of the representation on Grey’s is perfect, but the series has a pretty strong WLW following, particularly for the story lines in Season 4 forward. It’s messy and filled with cheating, break ups, unexpected babies, and everything else that makes soap operas so damn addictive. Perhaps what is most significant about the series, though, is how Sara Ramirez was impacted by playing Callie—and how she came out as bisexual after playing the role. The series also just recently revealed that character Teddy Altman is bisexual in an organic story line.

Queer stream Grey’s Anatomy at: Netflix, Hulu, ABC

Queer characters: Callie Torres, Penelope Blake, Carina DeLuca, Nico Kim, Eliza Minnick, Casey Parker, Arizona Robbins, Michelle Velez, and Teddy Altman

Queerest episode: “White Wedding” (Season 7, Episode 20) – queer women get married—what more do we need to say?!

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