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Since we’re all inside and could use a mental break from the chaos, we’ve launched Queer Stream, a series of short essays highlighting great queer TV and film you can stream right now. Today we’re talking about the coming of age comedy Booksmart, which premiered in 2019. If you’re looking for fun, easy, queer viewing, it’s hard to do better than this hilarious film.

Booksmart follows epic nerds Amy and Molly as they embark in one last task before graduating high school: They want to go to a party. The only catch? Amy and Molly have never socialized with their peers—not even once. While the rest of their class was letting off steam, Amy and Molly had their noses in books. But when Molly finds out the “slackers” she goes to school with all got into competitive colleges, too, she decides it’s time she and Amy tried their hand at having it all. And, if she can get Amy to talk to the cute girl she has a crush on, all the better.

There’s so much to love about this irresistible queer teen comedy. Amy and Molly’s relationship—with all the ups and downs—captures the power of adolescent, feminist friendships beautifully. Molly’s unwavering support for Amy as a queer person is also pretty damn adorable. But what really makes this film refreshing is the approach. Rather than having Amy be a closeted queer student struggling to come out and facing discrimination, she gets to be a kid who has been out for two years, has incredibly supportive (if cringey) parents, and navigates a world free of overt homophobia. Truly Booksmart queers teen comedy narratives.

Queer stream Booksmart at: Hulu and on VOD at Amazon, Google Play, and more

Queer characters: Amy, Hope, probably Gigi

Queerest moment: This whole movie just bursts with young, queer energy, but toward the ending when Amy has to talk to the girl she just tried to hook up with (but failed) is pretty adorkably queer.

Booksmart queers teen movies
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