Queer Stream: Beacon Hill the Series returns April 17th

Since we’re all inside and could use a mental break from the chaos, we’ve launched Queer Stream, a series of short essays highlighting great queer TV and film you can stream right now. Today we’re talking about our very own web series Beacon Hill the Series! And, since the series returns with Season 2 this Friday, April 17, we wanted to give you a chance to catch up on Season 1 now.

When Sara Preston moves back home to Boston to help her grandfather who just had a stroke, she finds that he has a new wife her age. But that’s not all that seems off in Beacon Hill. Her mother and brother are a mess—and her ex, Katherine Wesley, a State Representative, is embroiled in political schemes concocted by Sara’s grandfather, a Massachusetts State Senator.

It seems unlikely that Sara and Katherine can put the past behind them—but maybe they can find a new future. That is, if the political machinations, family crises, and press spotlight on them don’t make it impossible.

This independent web series is filled with politics, drama, intrigue, and a lot of queer love. Sara and Katherine have a ton of chemistry–and the new cast featuring Nadia Bjorlin as Sara and Marem Hassler as Katherine only compounds on the two women’s crackling chemistry.

If you’re looking for positive queer representation, look no further. We’ve got you covered with Beacon Hill the Series, where passion and politics collide.

Queer stream Beacon Hill the Series at: Reel Women’s Network: Season 1 and Season 2 (pre-order)

Queer characters: Sara, Katherine, Diane, Louise, Tina and more!

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