Queer as heck tees you need this summer

Ah summer! The smell of fresh cut grass and having brunch outside! Pride and beach season is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to refresh your wardrobe (especially if you Marie Kondo’d your closet this winter). Here are a few options from queer-owned or very queer-friendly companies to look your best as the days get longer.


Forever Queer shirt by Passionfruit

Passionfruit is always a good option when searching for a fun and LGBTQ focused tee. I have the above shirt in white, but this black one is a stunner. Plus a dollar of each sale goes to the Trevor Project, a non-profit focused on suicide prevention in the LGBTQ community.



1-800-Feminst shirt by Wildfang

While not strictly “queer” this queer owned company is synonimus with the community and you’d be hard pressed to find a fashion-forward lesbian or queer person who doesn’t have their own Wildfang flagship tee.



Crystal Queer shirt by Gay Apparel  

You can get this simple but punny shirt in a number of colors, but the purple on purple has a nice look to it.



How Dare You Assume I’m Straight shirt by Otherwild

Otherwild pays homage to a photograph taken at NYC Pride in 1982 by Barbara Alper with this perfectly retro shirt.



Vintage Sappho shirt by Look Human

BRB, ordering this one now.



Still Bisexual shirt by Autostraddle

Not only does Autostraddle have excellent articles for the queer community, but they also have some terrific tees and apparel. This tee is for people who need an important reminder.


LGBTQIA Pyramid shirt by Revel and Riot

This tee was inspired in response to the Trump administration’s rolling back of rights for trans students in schools, and shows the entire community supporting and holding each other up.

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